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No Good Deed Goes Unsexed

...while Don hasn't been inside his office for more than ten seconds when Ted marches in and asks what the hell he was up to. Dawn then buzzes in to check on him, and I love how the secretaries always act like nervous mother hens every time someone manages to get by them. Ted bites out a reminder that Don said he wasn't going to be involved in Chevy until 1970, so perhaps he could kindly not cock things up for them now? Don informs him that not everything's about Ted, but Ted goes on that a client shouldn't have a single negative feeling when with them. His anger deflates, however, when he realizes that there's an actual kid involved, and after taking a few moments, he offers, "Well, I bet you don't have a lot of friends, Don, so I'm guessing this is important." Any wonder I love the man? Don admits that it is important, and he doesn't know what to do, but Ted has a question: "Does he wear glasses?" Not getting where Ted is going with this, Don says he doesn't think so but he could, but a "no" is what Ted was looking for -- the guy who taught him to fly is a Brigadier General in the Air National Guard, and "they're always looking for exceptional young men to become pilots." Whether or not that comment merits sarcasm in the current situation, the obvious implication is that this is an assignment that would keep Mitchell at home while satisfying his service requirement, and Don asks if Ted would really be willing to make that call. Ted says he'll consider it -- if Don will stop the personal war he's been waging on Ted.

Don claims not to know what Ted's on about, which could loosely be classified as "hilarious," but Ted clears it up for him with an example -- they're clearly going to get Ocean Spray, so he needs to stop chasing Sunkist. I think there are better examples than this of how Don's been at odds with Ted, not to mention that Ted could surely get away with a bigger ask here. Maybe at least require that Don not be late for partners' meetings anymore? Regardless, when Don sees how strongly Ted feels about it, he steps forward and shakes Ted's hand and sincerely thanks him. Ted: "This is not a handshake of gratitude. This is a binding contract." Heh. Don agrees and Ted turns to go, but Don asks him what the next step is, so Ted tells him to have Mitchell write a letter about his childhood dream of being a pilot. "And it better be convincing. You should write it. And tell him to get a haircut." I'm sure Julie will be disappointed, but still: THANK you. Don asks what the real chances are, but Ted only assures him that he's going to call right now. When he's gone, Don asks Dawn to get Rosen on the phone. God, Don, don't jinx it! Did you grow up too poor for superstition?

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