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No Good Deed Goes Unsexed

When the phone rings at Chez Rosen, Sylvia answers, and she wonders how he can be calling, but Don says he was trying to reach her husband, as his office said he was home sick. He explains about Ted and the Air National Guard, and Sylvia's mood turns from despondent to tearily jubilant as she promises Don that Mitchell will follow through on whatever he needs to do. She asks if it's really possible, and Don tells her he thinks so but they have to act fast, so Sylvia informs him that Rosen and Mitchell went upstate to call on an Army buddy. He assures her it's going to be okay and she cries a bit more before raggedly telling him she feels better, but she'll feel better than that once she knows it's done. "It" not being the only thing. She then tells him she can't believe he'd do this for her, "and I hope you know that I was just frustrated with you." Really? He tells her he does now and when she says she didn't want him to fall in love, he wonders if she felt anything, and she tells him he was good to her. "Better than I was to you." Again, really? I suppose that's pretty much been my reaction whenever she says anything; this character honestly never has made any sense.

THIS SCENE. Benson appears in Pete's doorway and asks if they're going to lunch, but Pete seethes for him to get in there and close the door. Yes, sir! Pete barks that he asked for a nurse and Benson sent him a "rapist," to which Benson tells him in no uncertain terms to calm down and have a seat. He goes to Pete's bar and starts making them both a drink as Pete complains that Dot has the mind of a child, prompting Benson to point out that her story might not be completely reliable. Pete doesn't see it that way, though, so Benson tells him, a bit more pointedly, that he doesn't think Manolo's interests "turn that way." Pete grumbles about him being a "degenerate," and Benson inhales for a moment, looking like he's committing to a course of action, before sitting on the coffee table in front of Pete and ordering him to drink his cocktail down, after which Pete admits he feels better. Benson asks if Dot seemed happy and Pete has to confess that she did. From here, James Wolk makes a serious play for a guest actor Emmy as he steels himself by downing his own drink, donning a beatific smile, and launching into a Socratic speech about the possibility of falling in love with a person who takes care of you and would do anything for you. "If your well-being was his only thought, is it impossible that you might begin to feel something for him?"

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