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When we return, Ken has a drunken arm around Paul and points out that he stole the typewriter sitting in the corner. "That dumb girl almost got fired." Paul counters that she didn't, and he needs it, as he's a writer. Ken does not respond by bringing up his Atlantic Monthly story, which means that he must be feeling very charitable, be very drunk indeed, or both.

In the relatively unpopulated hallway outside the apartment, Peggy is making out with Eugene, who breathes, "Hey, Brooklyn. Come home with me." And I thought his line about stuffed shirts lacked nuance. Peggy takes great pleasure in this response: "I'm in the persuasion business. And frankly, I'm disappointed by your presentation." There's got to be a PowerPoint joke in there, but I'm too lazy to find it. Anyway, Eugene does not seem to have a backup pitch, so Peggy strides on out of there...

...and is next seen ignoring her alarm in the morning, dressed in the same clothes from the night before. Geez, Paul got the whole office out to New Jersey on a weeknight? Times really have changed.

In the elevator at SC, Roger bitches that Fifth Avenue is a parking lot. "In both directions." Heh, nice little period note -- New Yorkers will know that Fifth Avenue only goes downtown now (it was two-way up until 1966). Don reminds him that there's a parade for "Colonel [John] Glenn," prompting Roger to snark, "It's incredible what passes for heroism these days." Well, I'm no fan of parades myself, but I think I'd give Glenn this one even in 1962. Roger's just been really testy since his cardiac event. Don disagrees, saying he thinks Glenn's a winner, with his square jaw and "false modesty," and Roger replies, "You gonna go down there with your autograph book at lunch?" Everyone else in the elevator's inside voice: "Get a ROOM."

When Don and Roger reach the office, they see everyone gathered around Hildy's desk. (By the way, just so I don't forget again, the other thing I forgot to mention is that Lois, Don's new secretary, was the new girl last season, the one who had a crush on Sal. I guess her working for Don is oddly fitting, in that he's the second-most unavailable guy in the office.) Roger, thinking they're all gaga over Glenn, is annoyed, but it turns out they're listening to the radio because "American Airlines Flight 1" to Los Angeles went down in Jamaica Bay. Peggy, carrying a vacuum cleaner and a less-visible hangover, enters as Don tells Hildy to turn the radio off. Once she's obliged, he tells Harry to pull any Mohawk Air ads, as they don't want people opening the paper "and seeing a Mohawk ad next to a picture of a floating engine." Not without a really good tagline, anyway. Don stomps off, leaving everyone else, including Pete, free to make jokes at the downed plane's expense. However, Hildy takes a call from Irony at that point, whose timing on this show is just consistently magnificent.

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