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We see a closeup on a purse that looks awfully like Joan's being taken out of a locker...

...and then Don's in his office barking at Lois over the intercom. Roger then enters and, with no fanfare, tells Don that they're cutting Mohawk loose, so Don needs to set up a meeting that night with the Mohawk president and break the news. Don is livid, but he has no choice in the matter.

Pete hangs his head in his office, and then comes out and asks Hildy to get Trudy on the phone. He quickly changes his mind, however, and, after a look across the office at Peggy, heads in to see Don. Don, however, is in no mood, and barks that it's not a good time. Looking more lost than ever, Pete leaves, and Lois watches him go with sympathy all over her face. She's never going to make it in this place.

Joan's heading for the elevator when she hears giggling. She turns back and sees two secretaries looking at one of the postings up on a corkboard. The girls make themselves scarce, so Joan, in sight of Peggy (I guess this her office/the copy room) checks out what they were looking at, and is chagrined to see it's a photocopy of her driver's license, which shows her birth date as February 24th, 1931. Didn't see that one coming when you were on the phone with Xerox, did you, Joan? Joan rips down the paper, tosses it, and asks Peggy if she happened to see who hung it. Peggy, with visible amusement, says she didn't, and adds that she never would have guessed Joan was in her thirties. The smile is wiped from her face, however, when Joan surprises her by saying people should leave their personal problems at home, and just come in and do their jobs. Peggy, catching the snap, says she looks forward to doing just that, and Joan tells her that "they" can't stand that, and they'll drag her into the muck with them at every opportunity. "They just want you to be as miserable as they are. I say let them have it." She leaves, and Peggy looks chastened.

Don's having a drink at a table in a Japanese restaurant when the Mohawk guy (Henry is his name) shows up. They've barely shaken hands before he tells Don that the restaurant reminds him of Pearl Harbor. "For many reasons." So much for a friendly drink before he breaks the news. Don gets right to it -- SC is terminating its relationship with Mohawk. Henry tells Don that when he first went to SC, he was told that the firm was Don Draper. "That's what you get." He goes on to recall that Don told him that SC didn't need a big airline -- they were going to make Mohawk a big airline. This is killing Don, of course, as he's the only one who wanted to keep Mohawk and he's getting blamed for dumping them. Add in the Betty stuff and he's having one bitch of an episode. Don takes it like a man, though, simply saying that he wishes things had worked out differently, and Henry the poker player lands the haymaker as he stands and puts his hand on Don's shoulder: "I'm almost embarrassed to say this. You fooled me." Appropriately enough given the setting, Don looks like he wants to commit hara-kiri.

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