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...while Roger is giving the room what he knows, which he says boils down to Chevrolet's top brass "trying to build the perfect car." After some talk of how good a sign it is that they're being brought in at such a late date, Roger informs the group that "the guest list" consists of two huge agencies and CGC, the names of which he reads off a piece of paper, getting this from Ginzo in his usual straight delivery: "You had to write that down?" Hee, but we'll see if your memory's a hundred percent when you're sporting some silver hair of your own, Ginzo. From the complete lack of photos, Don realizes that Chevy is going for something completely unlike any car they've made, so he orders his team to do research on the Ford Mustang, as GM knows there's been nothing before it and nothing since, "but they're hoping it's this." He informs them that no one is leaving his office -- well, other than the people who are going to do the research, I'm guessing -- and then he and Roger beam at each other like the non-carnal lovers they always have been.

Peggy's heading out for the day when she hears a noise coming from Chaough's office, and when she investigates, she finds him sitting on the floor next to a TV he was apparently hitting, as "I just wanted to watch Hazel, but I couldn't get any reception." Ah, the days of banging TV sets; another favorite was trying to position the antenna just right and then hoping that a fly wouldn't land on it and throw the whole delicate business off. Of course, Chaough's mission here is being affected by the copious amounts of alcohol I'm guessing he imbibed to deal with the Gleason news, but Peggy doesn't know about that, so she good-humoredly helps him get the TV back in its place as she suggests he go home. Chaough tells Peggy that he loves how she works every account like it's make or break, and confides that he has a new way to go with Chevy, "but it's top secret and it may be terrible." I mean, the latter part is always the case, surely, but it makes it more real to say it out loud.

Chaough berates himself for a bit and then tells Peggy that he's depended on Gleason and "his paintbrush and his negativity to balance me out for the last twenty years!" I can see the value, but I wonder how he'd describe Cutler's contributions in his truth-telling mode here. Peggy doesn't connect the dots about Gleason, but she does offer that she's worked with negative people, and she likes that fact that Chaough's... whereupon he gets up in her face and tells her not to say he's nice. Peggy, however, is like, I was going for "strong" there, tiger, and sure enough, he lays one on her. She doesn't stop him at first, but does soon place her open hands on his chest in a pushback manner, and he breaks the kiss and apologizes, saying he's just grateful for her. Even in a moment like this, he plays as pretty nice, consdiering with the doe eyes she's giving him, it wouldn't take much for those hands on his chest to be wrapped around his back. But he steps away and bids her goodnight, so she, having no idea what happened in most of that scene, takes off, but not without a fairly adoring look at her boss's back. Well, maybe Abe's into Nan Chaough and they can salvage a swinger's evening out of this mess.

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