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Strange Bedfellows

Don's in the elevator when Rosen joins him and asks if he wants to go celebrate. "I just quit my job." Given his line of work, hopefully he finished what he was doing first. Rosen explains the circumstances, and the details are honestly a little confusing, but basically, it sounds like his hospital didn't push for him to perform a groundbreaking heart transplant, and now he's not going to have the place in history he thought. "Fate hasn't chosen me." Don, however, tells him that he doesn't believe in Fate. "You make your own opportunities." Of course, the flipside of that philosophy is that you have to take responsibility when you royally fuck things up, but Don isn't as good with that side of the coin. Rosen practically begs Don to go for a drink with him, but Don needs to attend to the massive amount of Chevrolet stuff he's toting. When Rosen trudges away, Don does look bummed, but that might be due to the fact that this news means Rosen's going to be home more.

It must be pretty late, as Megan's lying in bed with the lights off, although she is awake when Don enters. He tells her he's not sure how it went, and while he had intended to get some sleep, he now thinks he's going to shower and turn right around and go back to the office. Megan gets out of bed and tells Don she loves him like this, and he replies, "Desperate and scared?" That would have been my guess, but she smiles that she means "fearless" before telling him she wants to do whatever she can to make sure he succeeds. "Then you can jump from the balcony and fly to work like Superman." Let's leave aside the fact that this practically ensures that someone is going to go over that balcony before this series ends and focus on the fact that Megan's idea of wifely support is to slide down out of frame to the point where my captioning reads "buckle clicking." And it's been a while since I've made a comment about her teeth, but between them and what we know about Don's endowment, that can't be safe, can it?

For the second time this season, we get a transition designed to please the teenage boys in the audience, as we cross-fade to Don while hearing the background noise of a plane taking off. He and Roger are at the airport being served cocktails by Daisy, and Roger asks if she can get "those lugs from Dancer" bumped off the flight. Daisy basically is like, please don't ask me to do anything that would get me fired, and after she's gone, Roger apprehensively notes that they've got like eight people there. One of them approaches and asks Roger, referring to Don, if he's taking his kid to look at colleges (hee), but Roger shoots back that they're actually car-shopping. The guy's momentarily thrown but recovers by bringing up Vick Chemical, which is news to Roger and Don. The Dancer guy then fake-coughs and then asks if any of his team have a lozenge. "I know they don't!" Don and Roger realize the pressure on them just got even higher...

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