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Strange Bedfellows

Speaking of Don, when Pete smiles that he thinks the primary hurdle has been cleared, Joan wonders about the secondary one, so Pete assures her that Don won't stand in the way before telling her that even at nine a share, her part of the company alone with be worth almost seven figures. Joan's head can't help but swim at that, but she's still clear-headed enough to point out that Don doesn't care about money. Pete surprisingly concedes that point without argument or acrimony, but does think that Don is "tired of playing in the bush leagues," and the new capitalization will double SCDP's size. And Pete's entirely right, but leave it to Don to solve his problem an entirely different way. With that, Joan turns down Pete's offer of another drink and leaves, but first she reminds Pete that the next day is Mother's Day, so that means we're on a Saturday here, which both underscores that this process is being initiated in a clandestine manner and that Joan would never wear her hair like that around people for whom she needed to set an example. Pete, slightly ruefully, says he's aware, and I guess he still hasn't told anyone about his estrangement from Trudy, since there's no way Joan would have brought it up so casually otherwise. Given that Peggy went through a New York closing since the last episode, that's saying something.

In a large bed, Roger awakens and bites a fairly young piece of tail on her shoulder, which reveals that she's awake. Not only that, she's already been to the bathroom to put on her makeup, and as such now tells him she needs to go. She sits up, and Roger tells "Daisy" and her side-boob that she's a tease; talk then turns to the fact that she's an airline stewardess who seems to work exclusively in first class and that Roger expects her to call him with, apparently, certain bits of information about her clientele. "I feel like you only call me when you want to see me." Hee. Along that line, Daisy asks if she's going to get to enjoy Roger's company the following day, and he says she will "if there's a flight filled with P&G executives headed back to Cincinnati." Ah, I didn't completely absorb this line on first viewing, but it makes the fact that he's trolling the first-class lounge when Daisy tips him off that it might be worth his while. He asks about that night, but Daisy tells him she's got plans with her mother. This gives Roger the idea to leverage his dead mother to guilt Daisy into staying for another go-round, and I know he said his mother was a teetotaler, but if she's seeing Roger grab an ample handful of Daisy's ass, I wouldn't be surprised if she's ordering her first-ever cocktail.

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