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Strange Bedfellows

Speaking of upsetting bedroom sights, Pete strips down to boxers with a fully skeevy smile of anticipation before sliding into bed and pawing at Trudy, but rather than whack him over the head with the frying pan she should be keeping on the nightstand for just such a situation, she sleepily comes to and tells him to stop. He gets snippy in a hurry -- nice Mother's Day behavior, guy, not that I'd expect any different -- as he sniffs that they'll just maintain every aspect of their marriage "except the one that matters." I mean, on top of the general ew, I can't imagine he'd consent to wear a condom here, and does anyone want to see Trudy end up expecting another child at a time like this? Speaking of which, Trudy's like, you do remember our daughter, right, but Pete only asks her to "stop holding the axe over my neck," which I'll admit would be tough temptation for just about anyone to resist. Trudy, evenly enough, asks if he'd rather she divorce him merely for the sake of settling where things stand, and Pete tries to be like, "You don't care that I want you," which obviously was never the issue; it's the wanting and having of other people that's been the problem. Trudy, however, a better person than many of us, tells Pete that she's taken note of his efforts, and when Pete informs her that he has big things in store on the business front, she replies that she'll take note of that too. It'd be nice if she means that she'll make a mental note of his smug tone, but her playful smile unfortunately suggests otherwise.

Ah, c'est Marie! Julia Ormond, you're always welcome, even if your mothering skills perhaps do not merit their own Day. In French, Megan is telling her mother not to be so hard on her other daughter, as she's got a house full of kids. Marie replies that she couldn't wait to get them on the phone, and they were all, "Grandma! Grandma!" "Why do you think I came here? I hate that." Hee. You see, Don, she's not always talking about you! Small comfort, though, as there's a knock at the kitchen door, and Megan, busy with something in the kitchen, rather frostily asks Don if he'll get it. He grumpily complies, and it's Rosen, who asks Megan if she has any wrapping paper, which apparently was such an emergency he couldn't take the time to get out of his bathrobe. He probably regrets this decision when he sees Marie, but it doesn't stop him from suavely approaching and saying he saw her in the lobby and thought she was Megan. Excellent work not opting for the more standard "You two could be sisters" line, given what we just heard from Marie about her daughter the brood sow. Megan hands over some wrapping paper, and Rosen explains that his son Mitchell came home for Mother's Day as a surprise, and Don, wondering how long Sylvia's doormat is going to be penniless, asks how long he's staying. Rosen's response is a shrug, but he does know that Sylvia's going to expect an actual gift from Mitchell, so Marie offers the vase full of flowers Megan gave her. "I'm quite done with them." Megan, obviously the flower-buyer: "Thank you, Mother." Hee. Rosen thanks them both but leaves without taking the flowers, so apparently he's not ready to break up a mother-daughter relationship for the sake of his son looking attentive to his mother. When he's gone, Megan tells Marie about Rosen's credentials, and Marie's response is to tell Don that she wouldn't leave Megan and Rosen alone. You'd think the crushing irony would inhibit Don's ability to talk, but no: "I'm more worried about you." His will to get a good line out overwhelmed any discomfort, to which I can relate, and Marie gives the whole thing her impossibly musical laugh.

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