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As I mentioned above, it's apparent from the get-go that Peggy already went through with buying a fixer-upper, and she enters it and tells Abe, "there's poop on the stairs again." Worse, she believes it's the product of the "junkie" from upstairs, so I'm guessing the building isn't owner-only yet. Sorry, but when a New Yorker stumbles on the topic of New York real estate, he focuses on it to the exclusion even of human feces, although surprisingly, Abe in overalls and no shirt is coming close to penetrating my real-estate bubble. Peggy then sends an accusing look Abe's way about the traffic noise and vaguely ethnic sounds coming loudly from outside, all "This was your idea, hippie" about it, so Abe wisely deflects attention by asking after Peggy's mother. Peggy tells him she wants to come visit, and I don't know if he's reacting to that news, but Abe at this moment has some kind of accident with a nail or staple or God knows what that prompts Peggy to suggest they hire a handyman. Abe tells her that's a waste of money, but she points out he has no idea what he's doing, and although even a liberal like him is going to feel wounded in his male pride, Peggy's position is backed up by the fact that he's bleeding. "Linda Mulata" (thank you, closed captioning) then starts playing upstairs, but this time the music merely evinces a wry smile from both of them. All is well and good, but we'll see how it goes when it happens at two in the morning.

Pete catches Don on his way into the office and informs him that Herb Rennet is canceling their dinner for that night. Don, like most people, finds this a welcome relief, but Pete suggests the two of them take the opportunity to have dinner together and discuss a few things. Don: "Let's enjoy our reprieve." At least Pete's gotten better at pretending he doesn't care when Don blows him off like this. When Don enters his office, though, he finds Roger, who asks if Pete told him the dinner's off. Don: "Yes. Unless it was the world's most boring dream." Hee. Roger, however, tells him it's actually on, and he's going to be taking Pete's place at the dinner because Herb wants a word with them alone "to straighten things out." Don dismissively asks why Roger can't handle it, and given that they've both heartily agreed in the past that Don should stay away from Accounts, it's a valid question, but Roger thinks the account is in jeopardy, so Don has to go. He adds that he wants to "pack it with spouses" to "limit the explosion," and when Don protests that Marie's in town and she and Megan have plans, Roger practically sprouts wood as he tells Don to bring Marie along. Given that he hasn't even taken off his coat, Don looks like he wants to walk right out and give starting the day again a try.

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