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Strange Bedfellows

Megan and Marie return from shopping, and in the elevator, two young women tell her how much they love her show, even delaying getting off to secure an autograph. Marie looks like she doesn't hate this as much as being called "Grandma," but it's close.

Across the lounge, Daisy smiles at the mark, a rather portly middle-aged guy who's quite taken with her, and then a different angle reveals Roger there with her. After the two lovers exchange a conspiratorial smile, Roger starts chatting the guy up about how they're both going to Detroit (okay) and how he should have driven. "I'd live in my car if I could." God, even in 1968 I can't imagine how tricked out it would be if that were the case. Roger Sterling seems like the poster child for "boys with toys." Roger then shakes hands with "Mikey" before offering to get them drinks, and after Mikey requests a Jim Beam, Roger returns to Daisy and tells her to get him "a glass of water with an onion" and a double Jim Beam. Hee. If therapy is bringing Roger back to the level of competence at his job he once enjoyed, it's just another reason for Don to give it a try. (Real therapy this time, because I can only imagine that his quasi-sobriety journal committed suicide a long time ago.) Roger also orders Daisy to get him on Mikey's flight, and I certainly hope that he buys her something nice for this. But no travel -- busman's holiday and all.

Marie joins Megan, who's standing in her walk-in closet in a bathrobe, and notes that she's not ready yet. After a slightly snippy exchange about the dinner, Marie offers that she's overstayed her welcome, but Megan tells her she's glad she's there. Then Marie, the voice of experience, notes that she's talking like a woman who's been married far too long, adding that she knew something was wrong. "We have not had a fight." Hee. Megan tells her that Don has been distant to the point where she feels like she has to make conversation with her own husband, but Marie points out that she's "confounded everyone's expectations," adding that it's difficult to stand next to someone giving an autograph. True, but most people manage to do it without looking at their watches. Megan thinks Don doesn't care about all that, but Marie sternly demurs, saying he may think Megan belongs more to other people than to him. She's not wrong, but her analysis exposes the height of Don's hypocrisy, as these days Megan's a distant third behind Sylvia and Don's work. Megan, however, concedes her mother's point, and Marie goes on that it's easily fixed -- Megan needs to, in essence, dress more slutty. "The only thought he should have at this meal is how quickly he can get between your legs." It sounds slightly classier in French, but not much. Julia Ormond just rules, though, as we'll see even more in a moment. Megan giggles, and after Marie heads off to presumably get a jump on her evening's wine intake, Megan turns back to her closet...

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