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Pryce The Elder shows up to his son's place, but gets a surprise when Pryce The Younger has Toni there to introduce to him, "properly, this time." Pryce The Elder tells her it's nice to meet her, but begs off dinner, saying he has to travel the next day, as if he didn't already know that when he agreed to come by. Toni, of course, is in a no-win situation, as often is the outcome of polite bigotry, so Pryce The Younger sends her along to hold their reservation while he has a word with his father. When she's gone, Pryce The Younger asks his father if he's more disappointed that he found someone or that she's a "Negro," to which Pryce The Elder bites out that he's coming home. When his son refuses, he takes his cane and rather brutally clocks him in the face with it, knocking off his glasses and sending him to the floor, which was really unexpected and shocking, I have to confess. When Pryce The Younger reaches for his glasses, moreover, his father steps on his hand and urges him to put his house in order, either here or there. "You will not live in between." He keeps his foot where it is until his son breathes a "Yes, sir," whereupon he exits without another word. It's always nice when you get some insight into what makes a person tick. I'm just surprised that Pryce stopped running at New York instead of, say, California. Or perhaps the moon.

Pete's in his pajamas watching TV when a very pregnant Trudy, wearing a nightgown the look of which I would guess was described as "short wedding cake" in the maternity catalogue, comes out and asks him what's wrong. When Pete says he can't tell her, her mind goes to a place of German au pairs, but Pete waves her over and assures her it's nothing like that. When she's settled on the couch next to him, he wonders how some people go through life dragging their lies with them, destroying everything they touch. "I loathe it. No one ever knows, except the honest people." Trudy, figuring that the only person she knows that fits the description is Pete's dead father, wants him to tell her about whom he's talking, but he assures her that she doesn't in fact want to know. "And I don't want you to." Trudy's then distracted from secrets and lies by the baby kicking, and then she turns back to Pete: "Just remember, everything's good here." Pete smiles, no doubt thinking that it sure is lucky that his wife has come to be his favorite person in the world.

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Mad Men




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