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Say Goodbye To Accounts…

Oh, poor Joan is taking the bus back from Morristown. No one wants to be alone, but even fewer people want to watch Joan do it...

...and speaking of things that are hard to watch, Roger's got his Rolodex out and is chatting with a woman with whom he's been out of touch, and it's all very lovely until he confesses that he's really calling for her husband and is informed that he's, well, dead. Roger sympathetically apologizes, but as he gets the details he offhandedly rips up the guy's card. As usual, he would be a lot more reprehensible if he weren't so hilarious.

Don's lying in bed like a frightened child when Faye comes in to check on him, saying she might have a Valium in her bag if he'd like it, adding that she never takes them. Instead of running to her purse and sucking down all the contents, however, he reaches his hand out, and when she takes it, he thanks her for staying. She asks who he thought the men in the hallway were, and he says he's tired, but when she presses him, he clarifies what he meant: "I'm tired of running." And here, he comes clean yet again about the identity-switching, but it's significant that this is the first time where he didn't strictly have to -- unless I'm mistaken, all the other people he's told -- Anna, Bertram, Betty -- were in situations in which his back was up against the wall and the truth was already half out. Here, he could easily have gotten away with putting Faye off, but I think both because he's tired of running away from himself and because he really cares about her, he didn't.

Anyway, Faye is understandably shocked, and Don goes on to tell her about the background check and how his life may be over. Faye thinks he can enlist a lawyer and have a fighting chance, but he clearly doesn't have the wherewithal even to consider that at the moment, and sighs that he shouldn't have told her, "but I'm just so damn tired of all of it." Faye, however, surely no stranger to moral compromise given the line of work her dad is in, rises to the occasion by saying she's glad he told her, and after he strokes her hair, she lies down with him for the night. Sure you don't need that Valium, Faye?

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