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Say Goodbye To Accounts…

Faye comes to see Don and asks how he is, saying she's been worried, but he tells her that everything's fine. She suggests they get something to eat, but he begs off until the next day, saying he thinks it's best if he's on his own tonight. I could see why - it certainly seems like a good time for an eight-hour session with the journal. Faye assures him that they'll figure out what to do, and with a lighter expression than we've seen from him this episode, he replies that they'll see. She leaves, faking some business talk as she goes for Megan's benefit, and when she's gone, Megan comes in with the Beatles tickets, saying she knows how much she screwed up so she got Harry to have them sent over right away. Don's pleased, and when Megan brings up the fact that it's nearly eight, he tells her she can go. She stops to touch up her makeup before she leaves, however, and Don regards her for a good length of time before we cut to black. I hope this is just a reaction to the newfound sense of freedom he's feeling, because otherwise Joan's going to do what it takes to make Zombie Miss Blankenship his new secretary. See you next time!

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