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Pryce is working when a buzz tells him he has a guest in Reception, which given last week and the previews I expected to be his son, and given the stuffed Mickey Mouse and balloons he takes with him to the meeting, I wasn't the only one. However, it's only Pryce's aged but, despite his cane, sturdy father, with whom I think we've been made well aware that he's not especially close, even though they do shake hands cordially enough. After two passing clients joke about the balloons and bear being their reception, Pryce The Elder informs Pryce The Younger that he hasn't in fact brought "Nigel" with him; instead, he's there to take Pryce home, as his estranged wife Rebecca doesn't want to see him unless he's in London. Well, given her feelings about New York, I wouldn't take that part personally. Pryce The Elder says he'll be at the Warwick until Friday, which should be enough time for Pryce The Younger to get his trip back to London arranged, but Pryce The Younger informs him that he's wasted his time. He softens, however, and suggests they dine together that evening, and Pryce The Elder agrees. I hope you won't take it as a spoiler when I offer that that's about as good as it gets. After Pryce is back in the interior of SCDP, he takes a moment to recover from the disappointment of his son's absence, and then puts the gift down on the table and walks away. Pryce, they do have mail to London, you know.

So it turns out that the two guys who passed the Pryces earlier are from North American Aviation, and they've passed out materials to the SCDP people with more blacked-out parts than a first-draft script from The Event. The basic idea, under all the cloak-and-dagger stuff, is that "Senator Murphy" would like people to know how much he's done for the state of California, and NAA wants to promote its cutting-edge technology while, as Harry puts it, "never [having] to say the word 'bomb'." In addition, they have a sixty percent increase in their ad budget to play with - it's now four million dollars - and they're taking the whole thing very seriously. Pete assures them that said seriousness is mutual, and the one guy assures him that there will be "fewer black bars" as the process moves forward, not that that's going to be relevant, of course.

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