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When the NAA guys are gone, Harry says he's got to get out to California, but Don orders him to make sure to get him those tickets before he leaves. Harry tells him not to worry, and Don replies that he's not worried, in a voice that means, "If you don't get me those tickets you'd better stay in California, home-slice." Or something in that vicinity. When Harry's gone, Pryce, who joined the meeting late, asks Don to accompany him and his father to dinner that evening, adding that he'd consider it a personal favor. And if you're wondering why he doesn't add that it's going to have to be a more highbrow evening than the last one they shared, you'll get your answer soon enough...

...because we cut to the three of them entering the Playboy Club. The music is too loud to hear what's said, but Pryce The Younger does greet one of the staff rather warmly enough that it seems obvious even now that he's a regular here. Anyway, once the three of them are seated and some small talk is exchanged, Pryce The Elder tells Don that he was quite impressed with his office, and Don counters that the view is better at their current location. As if to agree, a certain "Judy" reaches their table and informs them she'll be their Bunny for the evening, and she inspects Pryce The Younger's key and ascertains that he is in fact the "keyholder." I'm hoping that's different from the Keymaster, although it would be hilarious if Pryce The Elder turned out to be Gozer.

Pryce The Younger orders three whiskey sours, and even though it was evident that he was speaking for the table, Pryce The Elder sniffs, "She's asking what you want, not how many you've had." As Homer Simpson once said, seems like the classy thing to do would be not to call attention to it. Pryce The Elder orders a bourbon, but Don, at least hip to the disapproving father vibe, sticks with the whiskey sour, and then Pryce The Younger asks Judy if she could arrange for, indicating an African-American Bunny across the room, "that lovely creature" to stop by at some point. Judy graciously agrees, and after she vanishes, Pryce The Elder tells Don he once was a salesman, "and therefore no stranger to places such as these." Indeed.

The African-American woman then turns up, and Pryce The Younger tells "Toni" that he'd like to introduce her to some special guests of his, including his father. Oh, Pryce, if this is the have the girlfriend meet the parents moment, it could use some work in both venue and letting all concerned parties in on the joke. Pryce The Younger conspiratorially tells Toni that he tried to get them seated in her section, but it seems that she's "very popular." He puts a hand on her stomach but withdraws it after a raised eyebrow and a "Mr. Pryce" from Toni, but there's clearly some affection between them, and Don at least sees it. Probably just as well that Pryce The Elder doesn't seem to, because I doubt physical violence is smiled upon here.

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