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Don is waiting for him when a puzzled Pete enters his office, but when Don asks if he was aware that they applied for a security clearance to the DOD, his expression changes to pride as he asks if that went through already. Oh, Pete. At Don's "Think for a minute, hotshot" face, though, he realizes what happened and asks why Don filled out the form. When he hears how it happened, he feebly suggests that Don's been fine this long, but Don tells him out of eight answers on the form, three of them are lies, and then recalls that Pete once mentioned he has a friend at the DOD. Pete wonders what the friend is supposed to do, but Don firmly tells him to stop the investigation, or at least to give him some warning. Catching on to that last bit, Pete wonders why he'd want it, getting this response: "You can run the agency without me." And it's not clear whether that's a bluff, the ultimate vote of confidence, or a combination of both, but whatever it is, Pete isn't ready for it and promises he'll look into the matter immediately. After a long, appraising look, Don leaves Pete to it, but when he needs Pete and Betty to join forces to save his life I wonder how much longer he can last like this.

Joan and Roger are out in a diner, although not the one from last time, and Roger is lamenting their situation before wondering if it's a sign. "I haven't stopped thinking about you. Maybe I'm in love with you." No offense to the complexity of people's feelings at any given time, but "maybe"? You love her even more than you love Don, and that's saying a lot. Joan asks if that means he wants to keep it, and even though he reflexively answers no, he adds that if there's going to be something between them, he doesn't want it to start with this. He speculatively goes on that she could keep it and pretend it's Greg's -- tons of people did that in his war and no one did the math - but if she went that route, he wouldn't take any responsibility for the child. "If he comes home." Joan sighs that Greg dying is not a solution to this problem, which probably comes as a surprise to many viewers of the show, but also cracks me up because her tone sounds like if it were a solution she'd kill him herself.

When Roger offers that he's only concerned with what's best for Joan, she tells him she's going to take care of it, and she'd prefer that he not accompany her. He asks if he can at least drive her out there, but she points out that they shouldn't be seen together, and I nod in sage agreement as I continue to watch the two of them in a public place. Seeing his unconvinced expression, she assures him she doesn't need him to come, but I think his problem is that he wants her to need him to come. Which: Get over it.

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