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Joan's in the waiting room with a sad mother-daughter pair, and she tries to keep her eyes on her magazine as the teenaged girl heads in for her procedure, declining her mother's offer to accompany her. When it's just the two of them, though, the distraught mother can't help crying, her posture hind of heartbreakingly collapsing under the weight of despair, and Joan, never made of stone, asks if she's okay. The woman, who's young enough herself, says she'll be okay, but then confesses that her daughter is only seventeen, and wonders what she can say to her. "I had her when I was fifteen, and I don't regret it, but...she seems so much younger." Joan offers that her daughter is beautiful, and the woman thanks her before explaining that she has no one to talk to. Joan says she understands, and Roger notwithstanding she certainly does, but the woman goes on to misunderstand by asking how old Joan's daughter is. Joan pauses and chooses to lie, saying that she's fifteen, and it's not like I wouldn't do the same to get out of an awkward social situation with a stranger, but from the look on her face it certainly seems like she's seeing her own situation a little differently...

...but we won't know anything about that for a while, so let's return to Don, who's lying on his office couch when Megan informs him via intercom that Faye is there to see him. He sits up before having Megan send her in, and he apologizes for not having called but says he has to cancel their plans. She observes that he looks sick, and instead of telling her she doesn't know the half of it, he allows her to feel his forehead and proclaim he's got a fever. He tells her he'll be fine, but she insists on taking him home, and he smiles and kisses her hand. Can you imagine what his life would be like at the moment if people weren't going out of their way to be nice to him?

Roger is out to dinner with Lee Garner Jr., and it's all the typical war stories involving various degrees of sexual harassment at first, but when Garner reaches for the check, Roger knows something's wrong, and Garner breaks the news: "It's over." Roger asks if Garner is actually trying to kill him, and while I understand his point I think if he wanted to do Roger in he would pick a slightly less subtle method, given that he's like Caligula for the modern day. Anyway, Garner explains that since his father's "incapacitation," the board has been more aggressive, and they now want to consolidate everything - one agency, one rate, all the brands. Roger offers to get Don in a room with them, but Garner tells them they're set on going to BBDO, and he doesn't want Roger to think he's being canned for cause. "There's no reason. There's nothing you can do. Nothing you could do." Roger, however, is not prepared to take the news with the sang-froid with which Garner is delivering it, and tells him they've been in business together almost thirty years, and as such are family - he even invited him to his daughter's wedding. "I don't know why you didn't get the invitation!" Heh.

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