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Say Goodbye To Accounts…

Garner patiently allows Roger to ramble on, but he's unmoved even when Roger contends that this will mean the end of SCDP, and says they'll be calling for the files on Monday. Roger asks for a thirty-day reprieve, and when Garner balks, Roger pounds the table in anger as he seethes, "After all the lies I've told for you, you owe me that!" Okay, obviously I don't know specifics, but why wasn't THAT in his memoirs? It'd be a national bestseller! Garner, as you might imagine, didn't get to where he is by being easily intimidated, and he leans forward and somewhat menacingly tells Roger he doesn't owe him anything, adding that Roger inherited the account, so Roger takes by far the more advisable tack and begs for the thirty days to get their affairs in order, and Garner magnanimously gives in.

Roger then saves what face he can by giving Garner back his cash for the dinner, and Garner sticks out his hand: "No hard feelings." Roger looks at the outstretched arm like he's considering pulling it straight into his heart to end his suffering, but eventually shakes, and the countdown to the official end of Lucky Strike's relationship with SCDP has started, and also possibly, as I noted in the recaplet, to the return of Sal. Also, when Garner's gone, Roger pops what's probably some blood-pressure medication and looks like he's going to die of stress, and Roger, I don't know what to say other than that you might derive some small comfort from the knowledge that you're not the only one this episode.

Speaking of which, Don and Faye have reached the former's door when they see two unfamiliar men enter the hallway. Don's eyes widen in fear, and when the two guys approach, he tries to get the lock open but his hands are shaking too much to work the key. Turns out they're just in the wrong building, but Don looks like he's seen a ghost, and once they're inside, he has a scary and full-fledged panic attack, with the sweating and the borderline hyperventilating and the tearing off his clothes in a non-sexy way, and he cries out that he thinks he's having a heart attack before Faye can get him to the couch. He then bristles and asks her not to touch him, conveying the latent shame he feels about all the lies he's told, but she gets him to calm down a little when she tells him her father has a heart condition, and she knows for sure he's not exhibiting the symptoms. He asks her to go, but she refuses to leave, and then it's all too much for his stomach and he runs to the bathroom and lets his lunch fly. Well, Faye and Peggy now have something unexpected in common. We get a close-up of him raising his head from Porcelain Prayer Position, and he looks just about as bad as he gets. I mean, I think a full ten percent of the population might refuse to make out with him here.

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