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Coming To A Boil

Don heads out for the day; he tells Peggy that she can go home, even though it's 4:30; also, he grants her the raise she asked for (to forty bucks a week -- WOO HOO!) and says he'll talk to Joan about getting someone to cover for her as his assistant when she's busy writing copy. Peggy beams and asks if she can tell Joan herself, and he assents. "In the meantime, go with your friends. Celebrate." Brandy Alexanders and lung cancer for everyone! Peggy heads for the exits.

At five, a half-in-the-bag Pete teeters out of his office, finishes his drink, and puts the glass on the absent Hildy's chair. Ooh, good one, Pete. Now break all her erasers in half! He goes into Don's office and sits in his chair, like, as if. However, his timing is serendipitous, as a guy from the mailroom comes in and, thinking Pete is Don, drops off Adam's package. Pete starts to go, but gives the package a second look and takes it with him.

Don arrives home and tells the kids not to sit so close to the TV. Betty wasn't expecting him, as she called the office and no one answered, so apparently another schtupping took place off-screen. He tells her about the promotion, and she's momentarily excited, but the tension between them has yet to fade, and she tells him she's sorry for having let the salesman into the house. He takes a long moment and says he doesn't want to talk about that; from the expression on his face, it looks like he's trying to be conciliatory, but you'll notice he didn't exactly accept her apology there. She takes his hand and says the heat is supposed to break tomorrow, and he smiles that it'll probably be snowing in two weeks. Dude, given how closely your weather is matching mine, I didn't need to hear that. She turns back to the refrigerator, and all is not right in Draper-land.

Peggy's reading in bed; she then gets up and locks the door to her bedroom. She takes a quick look at herself in the mirror, and then turns out the light and hops into bed. After a few moments, she looks over, and reaches for the belt. The woman's got radio spots now! More research is needed! Also, "Fly Me To The Moon" is playing at the end, which: Nice. Two to go. See you next time!

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