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Betty's lying in bed alone, smoking and reading Family Circle (heh, Props Department), when she hears a noise. She looks startled for a moment, and listens, but eventually she turns off the bedside lamp and settles unhappily into bed...

...and her image fades into that of Don and Rachel, who are also in bed but looking a whole lot more pleased about it. Rachel asks if he has to go home; he tells her no, and she's glad. Looks like Rachel has decided which derivation of "Utopia" better suits her and Don. Rachel tells Don she keeps thinking about being with him, and she's not sure if she understands how "this" works. "I'm worried it's a fantasy." Don responds that it's not -- as he told her, he's right where he's supposed to be. "I just haven't figured out what to do yet." Oh, dear. This could get ugly. I mean, even for this show. Seriously, in the last episode, Don emotionally lowered himself to Rachel, even more so than the one time we saw him do so with Betty, so you sense that something's got to give. Throw in the fact that Don will presumably be learning about his brother's suicide soon enough, and I'd wager that even The Man Who Made Compartmentalization Into An Art Form's walls are going to start crumbling. But for now, he and Rachel make out.

Don's in his office, pulling out a new dress shirt from his desk drawer. Heh. I wonder if Brooks Brothers makes deliveries in Don's case. Peggy opens the door, and seeing Don in a slight state of undress, asks if he'd like her to wait outside. He somewhat off-puttingly replies that it's up to her, but given what she needs to talk to him about, that doesn't even register on the Un!Comfortable! meter. She drops a folder on his desk that she says contains her report; he tries to elicit any information from her, but she's remarkably unforthcoming, and when he examines it, he notes that her written report is even more terse. Peggy: "It's hard to put into words." Come on, Peggy. You borrowed Lady Chatterley's Lover like, eight episodes ago! Don baldly tells her if that's the case, she's failed, so she gives it a try: "You definitely feel something, that I think some women...would like to feel." Hee. Don doesn't really get it, so Peggy cuts to the case: It vibrates. "And that coincides with how you wear it." Jon Hamm brings his usual level of subtlety to the "Oh, noooooow I get it" expression to which his face changes. Now that Don has caught up, Peggy goes on that the "sensation" explains the belt's success, which "made me think it was probably unrelated to weight loss." Don doesn't let embarrassment take hold as he says they now have a benefit to work with, so they just need to figure out how to put it into words. He tells her to think about it, "deeply," and then forget it -- and an idea will jump up in her face. Considering from where the idea is likely to come, "jump up in your face" is more apt that perhaps Don realizes.

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