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...and we cross-fade into a restaurant, in which Betty and a presumably freshly-showered Don are sitting in a small semicircular booth. They order food, with Betty making several decisive choices that probably signal her initial happiness with being in therapy, and then after their drinks come, Don asks how her day was. She tells him it was fine, and after he makes a lightly disparaging comment about doctors, he tells her that he read the phone company wants to start charging people for unlisted numbers, and because of that, some people are giving aliases to Ma Bell, and most of those are pornographic, like "Pat MaGroin." Huh -- I don't recall ever seeing that one on a substitute teacher's attendance list. Betty giggles girlishly, and then takes Don's hand and says, "This is nice." Don's too happy about the apparent accuracy of his new slogan to flinch at the display of intimacy.

Later, Don and Betty arrive home, and Don tells Betty he'll be right up. He goes to make a phone Dr. Wayne, who tells him that Betty is "a very anxious young woman. I think you're doing the right thing." Don closes the door to the study, and we pan around to the darkened kitchen as the Cardigans' "The Great Divide" plays. An anachronistic music choice, to be sure, but there aren't a lot of songs from that period that start off with similar sentiments to "There's a monster growing in our heads." The song continues as we go to closing credits.

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