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Don, one hand on the wheel and the other arm draped (heh) around Betty's shoulders, drives home as Betty tells him that she likes seeing him being social with other people, as it lets her see Don as other people see him. "When you're with strangers you know exactly what you want." Oh, dear. Don tells her he likes to think he knows what he wants all the time, and then Betty asks him to slow down, as her stomach isn't doing well at handling the combination of lobster and gimlets. Maybe it's just editorializing about Don's last comment there. Don wonders, having observed that she apparently drank more than usual at dinner, if she was nervous, but Betty brushes that off and notes that Roger likes Don. Don thinks the choice of restaurant does mean that Roger likes him. "When he gets us to the Four Seasons, then we'll know he trusts me." Heh. Betty thinks that Roger was simply trying to get Don to open up to him, but Don tells her that he was raised to consider it a sin of pride to go on about yourself. Betty rolls down the window and puts her head down to get some fresh air...

...but in bed, she continues the questioning, asking if Don had a nanny. Don eventually gives up that "of course" he didn't, but as for his family, "it's like politics, religion, or sex. Why talk about it?" Betty giggles, and they head into a round of not talking about Door Number Three...

...but later, Betty is sitting up in bed smoking as Don lies face down and asleep. She extinguishes her cigarette and slides down next to him, whispering, "Who's in there?" Well, I suppose there's just as much chance of getting an answer now as when Don's awake.

Peggy is happily returning to her desk when Joan falls into step with her and tells her that she's got to focus on accessories now. Peggy proudly says that she's getting thirty-five bucks a week, minus $6.75 for FICA, which she adorably pronounces "FEE-cah." Joan's impressed with Peggy's spirit, if not with her paycheck, and calls her "indomitable" as they head into the ladies'. "You'd never know you were the very bottom of the food chain." Joan blows right by her, but Peggy stops when she sees a forty-ish woman, "Bridgette," crying at one of the mirrors. She asks if she's okay, but Joan signals Peggy to come on with a "non-speaking extra, what can you do" wave of her hand. Peggy, discomfited, moves away.

In Don's office, Ken is pulling some cans of Right Guard out of a box and saying that for the next eighteen months, Gillette has a monopoly on the new invention of aerosol deodorant. Hearing this are Don, Sal, Paul, and some random, and the scene quickly devolves into the random and Sal playing Keep Away from Ken with one of the cans until Don says that they need to do more research. Catching the snap, the boys manhandle Ken onto the desk, pull off his shirt, and apply. Just then, Peggy opens the door and says that she was buzzing, and Bertram is waiting. But no more, as Robert Morse, wearing the character's perennial bow tie, appears and looks singularly unamused. "I always thought it was Sterling who was responsible for the Navy attitude around this place." Don counters, "Brassiere account. We just figured out we can't sell them to men." No offense to Robert Morse, but he's built a lot like Jerry Stiller, so I'm thinking a Bro/Mansiere might not be an impossible sale to him. Anyway, Don rushes out with a surreptitious annoyed side-eye to the boys, and then everyone chuckles at an irritated Ken's expense. Heh.

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