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Outside, Roger has joined Don and Bertram, and they're there to talk about Nixon. Don says last he heard, Nixon was running without an agency, but Bertram replies: "Make no mistake -- we know better what Dick Nixon needs." And yet you're still pushing to represent him. Don mentions the famous "Checkers" TV spot in pointing out that Nixon's current setup has been proven to work, so why chase after him? The answer, though, is that certain corporate clients of theirs, Proctor & Gamble for one, would be much, much happier with Nixon in office, so they're going to help that interest along. "We will give our people what they want, agreed?" Behind Bertram, we see a fireball through the translucent glass next to Don's door, and Ken's muted voice yells for them to cut it out. Hee. Like I said, Bertram, I hope you know what you're doing here. Don assents, and Bertram replies, "Goody." Hee, again. So awesome. He walks away, and Don notices that he's shoeless as Roger tells him to assemble a team. Roger in turn takes off, and then a breathless Paul emerges from the office and asks Don if they're still on for lunch. Don, preoccupied with matters Presidential, looks at his watch and curtly essays a negative before walking away. Peggy chooses that moment to pull out a paper bag, and Paul is chagrined to learn that she's going to eat at her desk. Not unseen by Joan's watchful eye, he offers to take her to the cart for lunch, but she declines, and when he disappears, Joan struts over with a "secretary one, copywriter zero." Heh. However, when Joan actually sees the contents of Peggy's bag, she tells Peggy to get her things, as the sandwich is making her sad. For me, it's the banana that's the problem -- I appreciate that the set designers get so many period-specific props, but I don't think the fruit should actually be from 1960.

In the packed break room, Ken shows Harry and the random guy a postcard from Pete, which offers them greetings "from the wettest place on Earth." My dirty mind is hardly blameless here, but still: "thanks" for the mental image, Pete. Joan enters with Peggy in tow, saying something about going to Lord and Taylor's, and the random guy makes an inappropriate comment before Ken offers to buy them lunch. Joan equivocates a bit and asks Peggy what she thinks, and Peggy offers that they do smell nice, causing Ken to bite his lip in frustration. Heh. After a little talk about Pete's honeymoon sex that causes Peggy to flinch just a little, Ken sticks the postcard on a nearby corkboard and the five of them head out...

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