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...and we cut to a coffee shop, in which Ken is asking about Peggy's relationship status. Joan: "She's browsing. And like most of us, she's disappointed with the selection of merchandise." Heh. The boys are all varying degrees of gross to Peggy, prompting Joan to say they should head out of there, but Peggy can't get out of the booth without Ken putting his hand on her waist and saying she should take the rest of the afternoon off. "We could go to the zoo, see what the animals are up to." Given that she works with you all, Ken, wouldn't that be kind of a busman's holiday? Peggy manages to give him the slip, though, and after Joan tosses another disparaging comment Ken's way, they're out of there...

...but the escape isn't complete, as Paul catches Peggy returning to her desk and asks if she enjoyed herself "with the Hitler youth." Heh. Peggy tries to explain that blowing him off wasn't intentional, but Paul hands her a folder and tells her to make sure Don looks at the contents. He starts to leave, but turns back to tell her that she can look too. Take a lesson, Peg: you treat men like dirt, they won't be able to get enough of you. Believe me, I know, in both directions.

It's Francine (Anne Dudek)! She's Betty's best friend, and in her kitchen, she's bitching about some PTA president or other, prompting Betty to titter, "Francine, you're terrible." Yes, that is one of the reasons I love her. Also, Francine informs Betty, a woman named Helen Bishop is moving into the Dutch colonial down the street, and she's -- get this -- divorced. She doesn't suggest that they pin her down and paint a scarlet "D" on her chest, but given her tone, she might as well have. Francine adds that Helen has a nine-year-old boy and a baby, and that she can't imagine having to worry about money at this point in their lives. She then notices that the kids are being too quiet, and calls "Ernie" (presumably her son) and "Sally" (Draper) in. When Francine stands, we see that she's pregnant (not that that's stopping her from smoking, of course) and then the kids promptly appear, and Ernie announces that they're playing Spaceman. We see that Sally's wearing a plastic garment bag from the dry cleaner's over her head, and when Betty sharply calls her name, we expect to hear a safety lecture. Betty: "If the clothes from that dry cleaning bag are on the floor of my closet, you are going to be a very sorry young lady." Hee. The kids go away, and Francine says she hears the Helen situation might be bad for real estate prices in their area. Betty: "One divorcee." Betty, you've been in the suburbs for years. This can't be the first time you've ever heard the "there goes the neighborhood" mentality.

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