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Sometime soon after, Peggy is retyping the letters when she looks up, and we get a quick montage of a bunch of guys checking her out. She then opens her desk drawer, and we see she's lifted the postcard that Pete sent to Ken from the bulletin board. I doubt that move is in the Bay Ridge Edition of Miss Manners. We cut to Peggy entering the bathroom, upset, but with the help of the mirror, she sees another girl sniffling around the corner. Elisabeth Moss is awesome here as she looks at her reflection, and in a moment, she's a completely different person, like, "I am not going to be that girl." She in fact tugs on her scarf, presumably to make herself look just that little bit more attractive, and heads out as the other girl sobs. If you've never understood "less is more" with regard to TV, you will after you see this scene.

Betty is lying on the couch with her psychotherapist Dr. Wayne (Andy Umberger, who totally played D'Hoffryn on Buffy). As he takes notes without speaking, she tells him that she's anxious and doesn't sleep that well. She starts to mention her hands, but when she holds them up, she notes that they're fine at the moment, which she likens to having a problem with your car that disappears when you go to the mechanic. At his continuing silence, she changes the subject, speculating that a lot of people must come to see him because they're afraid of the bomb, and then brings it around to actual relevance, saying that her mother always taught her that it wasn't polite to talk about "yourself." She fiddles with her watch and takes it off as she says that her mom passed recently, and then realizes she already said that. Somewhere, Mona's rolling her eyes all, "You don't know the half of it, honey." Betty asks if she can smoke, and Dr. Wayne silently pushes an ashtray toward her. Once she lights up, she remarks, "We're all so lucky to be here." You'll notice the mechanic isn't sending you home, dear.

Midge wakes a shirtless Don up, saying it's 7:30. We see she's dressed, and she says she's got to head to Roy's (Roy!) reading. "I have to be there to act surprised when Jack Kerouac doesn't show." HA! Oh my God, I don't have that much use for Midge, but I forgot how many points she gets for that line. She shows Don her new key, which is fastened to a chain around her neck, and tells him to lock the door when he leaves. After they kiss, she informs him that he should take a shower, if he's going home, as he stinks, so I guess she's trying not to be cruel. He replies that he stinks because he's a man, and asks her what women want. Midge: "Well, one of the things has to be not being asked something like that." Heh. Don uses her offhand answer, though, musing, "What do women want? You know better than to ask." He then grabs a pen and comes up with the real McCoy: "What do women want? Any excuse to get closer." He smiles in triumph, and Midge gives an answering smile: "There's that ego people pay to see." She leaves him...

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