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Roger takes Pete's side: with a positive ad, you're preaching to the choir, but with negative ads you're hitting people who are on the fence. And, as Pete notes, there are a lot of people on the fence right now. Roger calls the meeting to a close, asking for ideas after the long weekend. Pete smirks, "Yeah, let's go down swinging." Every time you wish somebody would pop poor Pete in the face just for existing, I will eat one of these Skittles I have bought for this purpose, starting with the yucky green ones, and we'll see how many are left. Roger also mentions the Menkens, who are coming to sign off on the strategic plan, which means two things: number one, Rachel! And number two, because this is the big father/daughter episode to bookend the father/son nightmare that was "Red In The Face," we'll finally get to see her dad. Bet he's awesome! Roger tells Don to "ride bareback over Pete here" during the meeting -- I guess the bra and panties are optional before five -- and to be on his best behavior, because, he asides quietly, he knows Rachel bothers Don. Um yeah, in the "hot and..." sense. Sorry, this show makes me go all Catskills.

Joan's out on the floor, wearing the Joan version of the Mamma Mia dress, meaning that she still looks hotter than a campfire on the sun, and Roger drags her across the room to his office, offering tantalizing snippets of sexual harassment as he goes: "I really need to get to the bottom of that, yes..." and "I would like to get a look at those..." Inside the office, he's all overjoyed, like a boy, about how daughter Margaret and wife Mona are "off to Black Island" for Labor Day, like every other set of wife and kids in the city, so they have the whole town to themselves. Red suggests a movie, perhaps The Apartment. The titular apartment, if you haven't seen it, is an executive suite where all the sleazebag guys in this office go to get their rocks off with fun-time girls. Specifically one fun-time girl that the main guy secretly loves but can't stop treating like trash, who in a rare flair of art-imitating-gross, was played by Shirley Maclaine, the Hollywood fun-time girl of all time, after Marilyn Monroe was passed over. Roger says he saw it last week with his wife: "A white elevator operator? And a girl, at that? I wanna work there!" Joan's unsurprised at this: "They passed that girl around like a tray of canap├ęs, and she tried to commit suicide." Roger's like, "'ve seen it." Seen it? It's a How Not To, in Joan's world. Joan's world is so specific; it has so many rules for survival. What's Joan's Dick Whitman like?

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