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Rachel gets her back up a little bit, not liking how easily Don's leading her dad around, and reminds everybody in the room that Mr. Menken actually did start with nothing and actually did rock the fuck out in building his business, so maybe a little less of the negative campaigning, because Dad's not on the fence anyway. She ends the meeting through sheer force of will, and both Menkens agree that it's a good plan. They all shake hands, and Don whispers to Rachel that hopefully they'll both keep their jobs a while longer. "Don't screw this up," she hisses back, and Don chuckles that he thinks her dad likes him. "I guarantee there's nothing about you he likes," she says. Fathers and daughters. Don knows better. Heading toward the elevator, Mr. Menken notes that Sterling Cooper is like the Czarist Ministry; you leave thinking it was all your idea in the first place. She's like, "I have no idea what you're talking about," even though she totally does. Mr. Menken praises Don: "He's good. Persuasive. A little dashing for my tastes..." She smiles at him all brittle and ushers him onto the elevator, and that's when I realized she was going to bone Don by the end of the episode.

Joan's putting up a memo in the break room about the long weekend when her roommate Carol -- looking kind of hellish -- comes in, freaking out. Joan's all caring and business-like: "Don't tell me you're late again! Do you need to see Dr. Emerson?" Carol's all WTF but Joan's like, "You walked twelve blocks in a heat wave! And I see you didn't take my advice about the dress shields..." Carol feels bad about herself for a while, because it's hard to be friends with Joan, and then explains the situation: her job at this magazine is reading the slush pile and writing rejection letters, a job Joan calls "depressing." To cover for her boss Mr. Aldredge, she told the Editorial Director, in front of a whole meeting, that she accidentally passed on this giant Yale poet, instead of the truth: Aldredge dropped the ball. So they got together and made Mr. Aldredge fire her right then and there. Joan points out that this makes Mr. Aldredge a dick for going through with it, no matter how bad he felt about it, but Carol's more embarrassed about asking her father for money, which is a chronic issue. Joan counsels her to lose her money shame, because there's never enough money (although thanks to her ranks of Rats and Super Rats she doesn't have to worry so much, I'm guessing) and also that men are pigs: "We build these men up and for what? Dinner and jewelry?" She suggests a night on the town, to "shake off the gloominess," and won't take Carol's request -- to sit in a movie and cry -- for an answer. "Let's find some bachelors and empty their wallets." Carol whines that she hates Manhattan sometimes, and Joan gets intense for a sec: "Don't say that! The city's everything." She loves it so much! She's like a highly evolved mutant creature that was bred to live in the city and kill for her food.

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