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Pete comes into Don's office asking where "Howdy Dowdy" is at. Zing! I can't even eat a Skittle off that one. He tells Don that he just got off the phone with Dr. Scholl's, who are transferring their account to Leo Burnett, of Chicago. The reason being, according to Pete, that Sterling Cooper's creative efforts were "dull and humorless." Don asks a few token questions about the conversation, but he knows that Pete's a jerk and won't give anything up, and that he didn't fight them too hard anyway because he's douchey. "I never lost an account before! Especially one that was here before I got here!" He protests that the Scholl's guy was abusive on the phone, but Don just sighs. "The day you sign a client is the day you start losing them." Pete asks if he should report the loss to Sterling (spinning it as Don's failure, to be sure), leave Don to do it (so Roger can shoot the messenger), or just wait until after the weekend (thus being a pussy). Don tells him he'll take care of it, calmly smiling, but once Pete's gone, he shivers for a moment before brutally shoving everything off his desk. Peggy comes in immediately, asking if he's buzzing her -- the intercom's making a strange noise. She immediately locates the source of this problem and starts cleaning it up, but he tells her to leave everything in disarray, to throw away her Scholl's inserts, and to burn their file, which he rips in half before storming off to Roger's office. And by "storming," I mean "moving in a stealthy, terrifyingly efficient way, like a ninja, albeit a ninja who really needs to know if his raise is still happening."

Roger's first question is who got the account, of course, and then he makes fun of Chicago for awhile before apologizing to Don: he and Leo Burnett have the same hometown. Don bitterly relates Pete's subtle joy in mentioning that it was a creative failure that did it. Roger's so not worried about it, because he loves Don and is feeling expansive. "The day you sign a client..." he repeats, but neither he nor Don really believe it. I realize this show's all about lying v. truthing and outsides v. insides and how Don couldn't even tell his girlfriend was in love with a pothead until he saw a picture of them, but man do they stress and interrogate the whole façade issue this week. Oh, and Roger's getting a haircut this whole time and looks like a million bucks. I was going to joke about someday finding a cure for the John Slattery man-crush, but like, if this episode didn't do it, I don't think there's a shitload of hope to be had. Roger says something about accounting hoodoo, I think, something irregular about the billing of Dr. Scholl's, and then lays down another invented cliché for Don about how clients are like being in a marriage because you get into them for the wrong reasons, and eventually they hit you in the face, and Don laughs charitably, but Roger's like whatever. "So we'll have to cut back. Let's go fire somebody!"

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