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Much Nothing About Ado

Betty has just gotten out of bed and is putting on a robe over her already-conservative nightgown (nice touch, again) when the alarm goes off and Don wakes up. He coughs heavily, which could just be a touch of realism but would be interesting as a plot point, but for now he just heads into the bathroom...

...and shaves, clad only in a towel. Sally enters and sits on the closed toilet while greeting him brightly. He doesn't pay much attention until she chimes, "I'm not gonna talk. I don't want you to cut yourself." Given how deeply you just cut him, you might as well not worry about it. Don tries to go back to shaving, but, as we push in on the mirror's reflection, the revelation that he's visiting his twisted views of how women should behave on his own daughter becomes too much for even him to bear, and his stunned silence isn't lost even on little Sally, who asks if he's okay. He admits that he's not, and asks her to leave, a request with which she unhappily complies. When she's gone, he miserably takes her place on the toilet, and we see that women aren't the only ones with divided selves when we pull back to see him and his reflection, sitting side by side, before we go to closing credits. Phil Abraham, director of this episode, stand up and take a bow.

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