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Much Nothing About Ado

Don arrives home, gets a drink out of the refrigerator, and looks out the window contemplatively. I thought he might have the decency actually to go to the office after his tryst plans unraveled, but if he had, we wouldn't have this cinematic scene.

The next day in said office, Pete strolls in and jauntily tells Peggy he ran the "Thanks, Clearasil" idea by Trudy's dad, and he loved it. She takes this in stride, and they exchange small talk, with Pete saying that he and Trudy went to see "[The Man Who Shot] Liberty Valance." He gives away the ending, and then gets amusingly pearl-clutchingly "SPOILER!" about it, but Peggy doesn't care. He then, surprisingly, shows both enough awareness of the truth and enough respect for her to admit that he knows she doesn't like his line, but Peggy Mona Lisas him, saying that it's all about keeping the client happy. "I do my job; you do yours." He asks what that means, but she's disinclined to explain herself, so he inquires if she's still out in Brooklyn. This is far more potentially dangerous ground than the Clearasil stuff, as we all know what happened the last time Pete went to Brooklyn, but Pete doesn't seem to have an agenda -- he's probably just used up his quota of clues for the week. She tells him she's in Prospect Park now, and she spent the holiday with her family. Finally tired of trying to get her point across in body language, she tells him she has a lot of work to do, but once he's gone, she looks intrigued by his visit. Honey, don't do it. Anita's about ready to blow as it is.

Jane comes in with coffee for Don and brightly asks him how his day off was, and Don does not reply "Sexually frustrating," instead coming up with "Restful." Jane tells him she went to the beach, and he points out that the lobster makeup she's sporting makes that patently obvious. Roger enters as Jane leaves, and when the door's closed, he asks Don, "Has your wife seen that yet?" Heh. Roger then gets to the point of his visit, which is that he wants Don and Duck to have lunch and try to bury the hatchet, and not between the other's shoulder blades. Don tries to claim no hard feelings, but Roger's typically sugar-free: "I've been married for twenty years. I know the difference between a spat and spending a month on the couch." He makes to leave, but when he opens the door and sees Jane's shapely backside, he looks back to give Don a conspiratorial glance. A little Roger goes quite a long way. Much farther than a lot of him does.

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