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Bobbie's lying face down in bed with Don on top of her, in a dreamy state until she realizes that she has to get ready, as she's going to see her daughter, who's attending Sarah Lawrence, in a play. Don: "Daughter? Is that everyone?" Heh. He asks how much preparation she needs, but when she calls him a "lion" and tries to get him to admit they're forming an emotional bond, he of course pulls back. She reads him well enough, however, not to take that personally, instead inviting him to stay, and adding, in regard to the lion comment, "Believe me, I'm the same way. It has to come out somewhere." Don looks a little freaked out by this analysis of their affair, but then again, analysis of any kind can reliably make him squirm.

Peggy rounds a corner at SC to find a bevy of girls sitting outside the casting office, waiting to audition for the ads. She's of course peeved, as no one told her about it, and she feels that she has "an eye for this." Ken tells her he won't let Paul put anything together without her, and Peggy looks about as happy as you'd think she'd be at having her fate in Ken's hands.

Pete comes across Chauncy sitting in the main area: "Hey, girl!" Take two. Duck appears and lies that he made his wife give Chauncy back, as he missed him too much. "Dogs are better than wives. Never a problem communicating." Chauncy's like, "You should hear the bon mots your wife came up with at your expense over the last two years. No problem communicating that I could detect." Pete approves of having a dog at the office, as he thinks it makes them look more easygoing and friendly to clients. I've heard worse theories. Especially from Pete. He goes on that maybe he'll bring one in, but when Duck asks what breed he has, he clarifies that he doesn't -- he was going to get one for the office. Duck: "I don't think that's a good idea." So the man can make himself plain when he wants to. Duck heads for his office, so Pete takes off for the elevator...

...where he runs into a "Marilyn" who just apparently finished auditioning. Inside, he asks about the "bra-ditions," proving that silly portmaneaus long predate the internet, and proceeds to hit on her and give her his card. She's impressed by his Account Executive title, a sentiment that almost costs her her life when his instant boner almost impales her.

Atypically, we stay with the same pair after the commercial break, as Norma Jean Faux-erty has agreed to have Pete over for some adultery. What she didn't tell him, though, is that she lives with her mother, and when she goes to have a brief chat with her behind closed doors, I'll admit that I thought Pete would beat a hasty retreat, because as I mentioned earlier, familial thoughts and cheating usually don't mix. But since Pete's a completely different kind of sociopath than Don, one that's actually willing to own many of his sociopathic tendencies, he's unaffected by the revelation, and soon the girl, with a practiced air, has turned the TV up and the lights down and is getting down to business with Pete on the couch. Of course, the volume means Pete won't be able to hear her say arousing things like "Who's a big account executive," but that would probably about kill her mother anyway, so it's just as well.

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