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Love And Marriage

When Don comes in, Peggy informs him that "they paid an Oriental family to be in Mr. Campbell's office." Don: "Someone'll finally be working in there." Hey, buffoons? That was funny. Peggy accompanies Don into his office, and after she hangs up his coat and hat, she tells him that Sal, Harry, and Paul are there for a meeting. She withdraws, and when Paul pops in, Don bites his head off for having moved "this Secor laxative discussion" around a bunch of times. Paul, as usual in this situation, says nothing, and the boys and Don take seats around his coffee table. Sal suggests, "Secor: Satisfeculent." Don: "Stay in the art department, Sal." Heh. Sal's point, though, is that maybe they want to take a page out of the Volkswagen people's book and be funny. Don hates the ad, but when Harry exposits that this isn't the first of this type of ad Volkswagen has done, Don opines that they must be getting results if they keep going back to the well. I wouldn't normally jump to that conclusion -- it's not like there haven't been plenty of stubborn CEOs who have stuck with losing strategies over the years. On the other hand, the idea that the ad is efficacious is strongly supported by the fact that a German company is choosing to engage in humor. Roger enters and says he wants the Chinamen out of the building by lunch, and Don replies that he's still waiting on his shirts. What he's not still waiting on is some predictable sycophantic laughter, not that I expect that's news to anyone. Don asks Roger if he's seen the Volkswagen ad, and Sal holds it up for his perusal.

Peggy is typing away when she sees Pete coming toward her, and she smiles in anticipation. If you're reading these recaps in order, you'll be seeing this many times in the future: Oh, Peggy. Pete thinks he should have been on the list for the meeting, but Peggy, smile still intact, says she didn't know when he'd be back. She gives him the green light to go in, but he lingers, hemming and hawing about the night he came over to her place before concluding, "I'm married now." Peggy says she knows, and then, more conspiratorially, adds, "I understand. It never happened." Pete accepts that and heads in, but once he's gone, Peggy looks a little less happy about what just happened than she seemed.

Inside, Pete apologizes for being late, saying he took the Chinese people out of the building. "But I have a feeling in an hour I'm going to want to take them out again." No one congratulates him for his effective rehearsal of that line, which is more restraint than I'd expect from Don and Roger. Maybe it's a wedding present of sorts. The group then gets into a discussion of the ad, which pokes fun at the weaknesses of the Beetle. Harry thinks the joke's on them, because you come away thinking that it's a great ad, not a great car. I cannot tell you the last car commercial I saw that was associated with the product it was selling in even a vague way, so I'm feeling Harry there, I think. After Pete predictably opines that the ad is "brilliant," Don brings the subject around to Secor again, and after being chastised again for their lack of progress, the boys leave, except Pete, who lingers. He's quite the lingerer, have you noticed? Pete, in that buddy-buddy way he keeps trying with Don, tells "Draper" that he missed him. Don: "It must not have been much of a honeymoon!" Hee. Pete actually looks taken aback at that one, so Don apologizes and welcomes him back, and asks how married life is treating him. Pete says he quite likes it, and in fact is looking forward to going home that night. After we see that Don is having some trouble with his cufflinks, he offhandedly says he'd love to meet Pete's new bride, and of course Pete can't leave it at that, saying that maybe they can get dinner one night "with the wives." Don replies, "Maybe we can," in a tone that means, "How does 1977 work for you? Because it's terrible for me." Pete leaves.

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