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Love And Marriage

Well, yes, basically, as they enter a room guarded by a snoozing woman in a chair. The room is home to several beds, all with oversized teddy bears on them. Don thinks there's no one up there because the room is too dark and too old, but Rachel's got something else she wants Don to see, so they head out. When they're gone, the woman in the chair wakes up and stands, ready to greet any incoming customers. Heh.

It's the end of the day, and a number of people are chatting in the communal area. Pete heads out for the day, and when a woman informs him that the "grand lot" of them are going to "Lansky's," he tells her he hopes she has a swell time, but he's got plans. He does stop to compliment Peggy on how she looks, though. I'd start a pool on how long before Pete's fascination with married life ends, only I'm afraid that it'd be over before I could even organize the damn thing.

Rachel has led Don to her favorite part of the store -- some dog cages on the roof. She affectionately greets the canines, who are of the attack variety, explaining that they patrol the store at night to make sure no one's in there. Considering the upscale image they're shooting for, I hope the dogs are very well-trained. Rachel goes on that her father worked a lot, so when she was a kid, the store was like home, and she used to come and talk to the dogs' predecessors every night. She also mentions that her mother wasn't around, to which Don replies, "That's not always a bad thing." I hope you're taking notes at home. Rachel further explains that her mom died giving birth to Rachel, and her sister was her only real company. "And frankly, these bitches were easier to handle." Rachel! Do you kiss your mother with...ooh, sorry. After a moment, Don hypnotically pulls Rachel in for a long kiss, which Rachel eventually breaks, saying she doesn't know what to say. Don: "Listen. I'm married." I'm betting that wasn't it. Rachel sighs that she didn't ask because she didn't want to know, but she's not okay with the whole thing now that she does. She lights a cigarette and tells Don that she'll stay with Sterling Cooper, but she wants someone else on the account. Don just looks at her with a hint of pleading, so she asks him if kissing women he's not married to is normal for him. He tells her no, not adding that merely kissing them is a relative disappointment. She asks then if she's supposed to "live some life running alongside yours?" Interesting comment -- it makes it sound that she's less concerned with the immorality of the situation than the inequality, that she's offended that he would want her to adjust to the constraints of his already-married schedule. Don has no answer, so Rachel says she has some checks to sign, and walks off as Don watches her with a look of chagrin on his face.

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