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Are You Gonna Drop The Bomb Or Not?

Don arrives home, to the delight of the kids, and sits down with Betty in the living room. They exchange a wordless look before...

...we cross-fade into Pete, still in his office, holding the shotgun he bought last year, something he associated most with Peggy...

...and then to Peggy, lying in bed and making the symbol of the cross, finally having made her peace with God and feeling like a true Catholic for the first time in ages...

...and then to the Draper kitchen, where JFK is talking on the radio and Betty's cleaning up when Don enters. Referring to the development in the Cuban conflict that Pete alluded to earlier, Don intones, "They finally went down." Betty fixes him with a long look and tells him she needs to talk to him, so he shuts off the radio and sits with her, wearing an expectant, almost anxious look. She says she has something to tell him, and starts, "I..." implying from the grammar alone that she's about to reveal her indiscretion. But after thinking it over, she changes course: "I'm pregnant." Don looks completely overcome, as this birth could actually be a rebirth for the two of them, and after taking a moment, he silently holds his hand out to her. Betty takes it, but she's not joyful like he is -- she didn't confess, so she can't share in his newfound peace. What will happen? Will Betty be able to undergo the same self-examination it took Don years to be able to execute? Or will their roles somehow reverse? Whatever happens, I hope we're all around to see it. I want to thank everyone involved in the show -- it really gets the maximum out of every aspect of this medium of storytelling. Thanks for reading and I hope we're still together in Season Three!

John Ramos is a writer and producer living in Los Angeles. You can reach him at

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