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Are You Gonna Drop The Bomb Or Not?

Pete comes in to see Duck, who's now drinking openly, to Pete's mild discomfort, and confesses the news about the Clearasil fiasco. Duck, after opining that the situation with the father-in-law is a "sticky wicket," tells Pete he's counting on his discretion. That seems a bit like counting on Bai Ling to dress sanely, but Pete's confused and panicked response of "Okay?" is enough to silence any criticism. Duck tells Pete about the merger, and adds that Clearasil would have been in conflict with Lever Brothers (presumably a PPL client) anyway, so Pete actually did the company a favor by refusing to give in to his wife's deepest desire. Well, he doesn't quite put it that way, but given Duck's messy divorce it's probably not too much of a stretch to think he would. Duck praises Pete's "loyalty and enthusiasm" during the American Airlines period, and says he'd like Pete to replace him as Head of Accounts when he moves on to be President of the new SC. Pete's mind is blown that his longtime dream is so close, and Duck cautions him not to say anything to anyone just yet. Pete then asks if Don is on board with his promotion, which makes sense, because if there's anything or anyone that Pete thinks about more than moving up in the SC world, it's Don. Duck scoffs that it doesn't matter, as he's the President, and if Don ever returns, he'll either fall in line or find another profession. "That's why God put non-compete clauses in contracts." But while Roger may sometimes think of himself as God, especially now that he's bagged a piece of ass like Jane at his age, Duck is still going to learn that that they're not quite the same. And he's going to learn that lesson both expensively and hilariously. Pete thanks Duck, but as he leaves, he looks surprisingly conflicted. Maybe he's wondering whether to trust the word of a man whose breath makes a gin mill seem odorless by comparison.

JFK is starting his speech about the Cuban Missile Crisis as Don watches in concern. He picks up the phone to make a call, but thinks better of it and simply listens...

...and then he's arriving at SC the next morning as JFK's speech continues on the audio. Joan happily greets him, which is a really nice moment, and when he smilingly asks how she is, she confesses she's "like everyone else today. Very distracted." Peggy emerges from her office (still calling him by his given name, by the way; I'm glad she made that stick) and asking how California was. He looks at her office (she's got a pink door instead of the standard blue; baby steps) and asks if he works for her now. Hey, it's getting closer to the truth. Peggy smiles and explains that Roger gave her permission, and that she landed the Popsicle account. Don turns back to Joan: "Other than her office and haircut, is there anything new I need to know about?" Heh, but how awesome is it that Don actually noticed exactly what was different about Peggy's appearance? Joan's like, honey, please, and follows him into his office...

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