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Are You Gonna Drop The Bomb Or Not? Roger, reading a New York Times banner headline on the crisis, is also doing. Don enters and asks if Roger wanted to see him. Roger: "About three weeks ago." I swear, John Slattery and Vincent Kartheiser should take their show on the road if this series ever ends, because every other thing out of their mouths makes me crack up like there's no tomorrow, if you'll pardon the expression. ("Did we get Miracle Whip?" could be my favorite line of the season.) Don easily says he'll stack his absences up against Roger's any day, an assertion that reduces Roger to complaining impotently: "You can't just do that." Don offers that it was important, and then Roger breaks the news about the merger, saying that the PPL people are coming in Friday to discuss the new order, and by the way, Don is clearing half a million bucks on the deal. Don's eyes literally just go as wide as they can, and it's such a delightfully atypical acting choice from Jon Hamm to just be like, "BOING!" about the whole thing. Like, you just found out the dollar figure it takes for Don to completely lose his cool. Roger injects the news that Duck put the whole thing together, which of course surprises Don, who then asks if there are any conflicts, and Roger tells him very few: "Coop and Alice jumped on it. I wasn't gonna make trouble." Heh. Don's not so dazzled not to smell the bullshit there, though, and at his "Come on" side-eye, Roger tells him he can go back to his office and figure out how much he made on the deal. Don laughs, and they shake hands, but before he can leave, Roger muses that Kennedy is daring the Soviets to bomb them "right when I get a second chance." Don opines that they don't have any idea of what's really going on. "You know that."

Church. Father Gill is sermonizing about how it's easy to be angry given the country's situation at the moment, but even Jesus on the cross forgave his transgressors. "Let us take charge of our own souls. Especially you, Peggy Olson -- pipe up about that kid before a missile sends you straight to Hell." Whoops, got a couple scenes ahead of myself. Anita and Peggy bow their heads as Father Gill prays, saying they're all sinners, but asking for the courage and common sense to admit, confess, and repair.

At the beauty parlor, Betty's got her hair in curlers, and Francine (where have you been, girl?) is chattering away about the nuclear situation, to the dismay of another woman, who's sitting there with her young daughter. Hey, if she's old enough to pay salon prices, she's old enough to hear about nuclear war. Francine gets fed up with the woman's complaining, and snarks to Betty, "I wish we had a shelter, so I could slam the door in her face." Nice. Betty, however, has other things on her mind, and spills the beans about her pregnancy. Francine partially gets it: "Congratulations?" Betty smiles at the welcome inflection, but Francine obviously doesn't know about Don, so she tells Betty that her daughter Jessica was an accident, but she's very happy to have her now. Betty takes a couple tries to make her meaning plain, but when she reiterates that it's "not a good time," Francine cottons on and says there's a doctor in Albany. However, she suggests that the best thing might be to sit tight for the time being. Betty doesn't look convinced, but the hairdresser calls her over at that moment, so Francine gives her a hug and Betty tells her she's probably right. When Francine's gone, though, the look on Betty's face is like, "I wonder if Helen Bishop might be up for a road trip?"

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