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Are You Gonna Drop The Bomb Or Not?

Ken, Paul, and Sal are trying to get Harry's TV to work when he walks in and acts pissed off. He tries to fix it, but only ends up cutting the power completely, prompting Sal to snark, "I hope the Soviets got a guy like you to build those missiles." Heh. After Ken makes a joke about Paul having Castro's beard, Harry picks up a memo and announces that the partners want a list of everyone by department. "They're counting all the money. They're counting all the people." He says someone must know what's going on...

...and we cut to Ken pulling Lois out of the switchboard office. He brings her over to Paul, Harry, and Sal, who ask her if she's heard anything about SC opening a West Coast office. Lois protests that she's not allowed to talk about what she hears in there, as if she wasn't telling anyone last year who would listen about Sal's phone calls to his mother. They're all basically like, "Come oooooon," which is all it should or does take, and she tells them about the merger. "From what we could put together, they want a New York office, and they want it filled with us. But... there's definitely going to be some... redundancies." Paul looks the most chagrined at this news, which makes sense as he's the most redundant person on the show, in more ways than one. (Michael Gladis is great, by the way, but Paul is just so hopelessly derivative in every way.) The boys start to leave, but Lois begs them to take her off the switchboard, should any of them survive. They don't completely "whatever" her, which is more than I would have expected, and she smiles hopefully. Oh, Lois, I wouldn't get your hopes up. Although now that he's not going to be leaving the office for not-so-secret trysts anymore, it might be a good time to give being Don's secretary another go.

Speaking of Don, he opens the door of his room at the Roosevelt and happily greets his kids, who have come to stay the night with him. Don says they can go get Chinese food, and asks Betty if she'd like to join them. Sally pipes up that Betty doesn't like to eat, but before Don can be like, "Thanks for the help, Salamander," Betty says she has plans anyway, and instructs him to drop the kids off with Carla in the morning. "I'll be going riding." Oof. Don, defeated, accedes to her wishes, and she and the children bid each other good night before she leaves. When she's gone, Sally brightly asks, "Can we order room service?" Kid, your dad just took home a cool half a million bucks, and he's feeling vulnerable about his place in the family. Now's the time to ask for a pony along with your hamburger.

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