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Mystery Date

[Note: What Peggy fails to notice (and I don't think it's just because she's hammered) is that there is a distinct amount of white privilege that separates what it means to be a white woman and a black woman in the workplace -- especially in '66. Even bragging that her boyfriend is covering the riots in front of Dawn, just after she clearly demonstrated that she has to live in fear of them, didn't tip her off. Peggy is starting to get so good at playing the men's games, that she's even starting to be blind to the other social injustices of the world. Hopefully Joyce will knock some sense into her, if Dawn doesn't. -- Rachel.]

Pauline is reading with only the night's ambient light to help her and chomping away on Betty's stash of Bugles, and this is one of those product placements where the show has to pay them, right? Pauline is then startled when she turns and sees Sally in the doorway, giving a huge gasp before Sally apologizes, saying she couldn't sleep. Pauline informs her she can't sneak up on people like that, "especially in this house." HA! Even Pauline knows about the Rye Town Francis Spookhouse. Pauline consents to have Sally sit with her for a bit, hastily putting the large knife she has by her side out of Sally's reach before asking why she's scared, and Sally admits to having read the paper before saying that she doesn't really understand what happened. For all Pauline's objections before, she gives Sally the sugar-free version now, telling her that the girls were getting ready for bed when there was a knock on the door, and when they answered, there was a handsome man (overruled, but we'll let her talk) there, and perhaps one of the victims knew him, "but probably not, because he was probably just watching them from afar." She goes on that the poor girls in their short uniforms probably stirred his desire, and when Sally asks what for, retorts, "What do you think?" Wow, do Bugles put her in a truth-telling mood, or what? Pursuant to that, she tells Sally the girls didn't run because they were scared, and probably figured the man couldn't rape nine of them. "They didn't know it was going to be worse than that. They didn't know what was in store for them." You'll be shocked to know that Sally is really scared now, and even though Pauline brandishes the knife again, calling it her "burglar alarm," Sally wonders how she's going to get to sleep. In response, Pauline reaches for a bottle of Seconol, bites one in half, and asks Sally if she knows how to take a pill. And as I said in the recaplet, Betty may not be Mother of the Year, but Pauline is certainly making her look better.

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