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Mystery Date

A shot from inside Joan's oven shows her kneeling down to retrieve some baked good she's making, but when she gets it out, she complains to her mother that it's not even set. Gail replies that she told Joan the gas jets were clogged, and offers to go to the bakery, but Joan also says they need to pick up some Schaefer for Greg, and wonders if they have time. Gail thinks the Number One priority is for her to clear Kevin out by noon so Joan and Greg can, um, run into each other, which he's going to want to do right away even if he claims he wants to meet his son. Joan complains that Gail is making her very anxious, but Gail, drawing on her experience, tells her it's okay -- things are going to be unfamiliar for them both. "And who knows what he's seen, who knows what he's done." Joan points out that he was a surgeon and wasn't in combat, as if tending to people with war wounds is a psychological walk in the park, but Gail's going in another direction, saying that things happen when men are away. And I never thought Greg was the most convincing heterosexual, but again, different path, as Joan opines that Gail can talk about men in general, but she knows this "is all about Daddy." Gail won't be deterred from imparting her wisdom, though, as she urgently tells Joan that even if he hasn't been with other women, he won't be used to listening to a woman, and while I don't think that was ever his forte, given events to come it's hard to think she doesn't have a point. Joan sighs and says she knows it's going to be difficult for Greg, which is why she wants to start with him seeing his son, and Gail gets that and agrees to go get the cake. If I can insert my opinion, I think you shouldn't forget the beer either, Gail.

Don's lying on his couch trying not to expire when Sally calls for him; he picks up to a flurry of complaints about how she hates Pauline, and someone called on Henry's phone saying they couldn't get a flight, so Henry and Betty will be driven back from Buffalo that night, which is weird because Henry is so important, and they never let her know what's going on but they call Bobby at sleepaway camp all the time. "I guess if I was peeing in my pants they might want to say hi?" I think it's more likely they just don't want to have to find a fifth Bobby, so they're keeping him happy.

Sally goes on to complain that Pauline wears a barf-worthy amount of perfume, and she also doesn't believe that Sally's allowed to watch as much TV as she wants during the summer. Even Don raises an eyebrow at that, and tells her to go out and get some fresh air and sun, but Sally tells him it's really hot. And as much as I could listen to Sally bitch about her elders all day and all night, Don does have a point, especially when he adds, "I don't want you to get rickets in that haunted mansion." I'm trying to figure out if the nighttime exterior is more reminiscent of The Munsters or Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?, but either way, HA! Don then hacks into the phone, prompting Sally to ask how he is, and he replies that he has a cold, "but you've made me feel better."

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