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Mystery Date

Joan emerges from the bedroom trailing afterglow everywhere, and in response to Greg's inquiry, announces that she slept "very well." Gail is there too, apparently having judged it safe to return sometime in the middle of the night, and when Joan observes Greg making his lunch, Gail explains that he won't listen. Joan tries to tell him they have steak and a cake, but Greg, already into a beer, is apparently craving bologna, and I'll just let that one go entirely. Greg adds that he'll have veal that night with his parents, and then talk turns to the riots, with Greg asserting that there are "plenty of Negroes in Saigon, and they're plenty brave." Joan makes a comment about how Greg looks in uniform, prompting Greg to ask Gail if there's any way she could pick up more beer, and Gail's already got Kevin warmed up and ready to go, and is out the door in five seconds flat. I don't know how comfortable my mother being that attuned to the "it's time for sex" vibe in the room would make me, but maybe it's different for girls. It's also different for Joan, as this time, Greg sits Joan down and says he has something to tell her. Joan, her voice dropping to her business tone, says if something happened over there, he shouldn't tell her, and I wonder if on some level she's hoping he did stray so she can call her indiscretion with Roger even, but Greg says it's not that -- he has to go back to Vietnam for another year. Joan is, to be sure, severely displeased, brushing aside Greg's attempts to mollify her by saying news stories of how horrible it is there are completely untrue, and half-yells that "they're a bunch of liars!" Greg, however, says that's not the case and it's "more complicated" than that, when actually, it's simpler, just completely different. He says he's "come to terms" with the fact that war doesn't stop for their plans, but points out that they have ten days together. "I need to store up as much of you as possible." Buddy, you don't know the half of it.

In some gracious wood-paneled room, Ginzo is repeating, word for word, the part of the pitch we saw earlier, and the footwear execs seem to be eating it up. When he's done, one of the execs tells Ginzo that Ken was right, he's a genius, prompting a coughing fit from Don that seems juuuuuust a little too convenient. Hee. After some minor discussion, the lead exec tells them, "Sold," everyone shakes hands, and I know I already made a Contagion joke but shouldn't Don at least give the guys the option of bumping elbows instead? The exec then tells Ginzo that he really knows women, and Ginzo replies that he's never been accused of that, but goes on that to be honest, they confuse him, and brings Cinderella up as an example. This sets silent alarm bells off between Don and Stan, but there's nothing they can do, and Ginzo rather masterfully tells them all about the concept while simultaneously claiming that it's too dark an idea, and I can see his point, since it's all about depicting Cinderella as wounded prey that wants to be caught by a pursuing assailant, and seriously, I think the actual on-screen strangulation we eventually see might be more comfortable than all the allusions we're getting here. Who's the sicko now, Ginzo? Seriously, this is an example of what I was talking about; given how disgusted he was by people staring at the photos, would he really have thought he'd be capable of using a fictional parallel with extremely similar themes to sell a pitch? Anyway, the ad exec is like, I know I said sold but now I am sold-er...

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