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Mystery Date

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Mystery Date

Don's face down on the bed (and his dress shirt and tie have come off since the last scene, which given how out of it he was, is a suspicious little detail) when the doorbell rings. He manages to get to the door and is horrified to discover it's Andrea, whom he pulls into the apartment and tells in no uncertain terms that she can't be there. She tries to say they didn't get to talk, but he informs her they've done all the talking they're ever going to do. Good thing she's not actually interested in that, then. He goes on that she can either go over the balcony or take the stairs, which gives me flashbacks to I'm Gonna Git You Sucka, and she's unfazed by his words but still consents to leave. Rethinking the plan, however, he has her take the service elevator, and ushers her to the kitchen. She tries one last time, saying what they had was just sex and didn't mean anything, implying of course that it wouldn't mean anything now either, but Don's like, if I don't lie down within five seconds I will literally die, and if you're with me when Megan gets home so will you. She leaves, which is just as well, because her chic little yellow dress and complimenting orange beaded necklace were clashing horribly with that God-awful wallpaper in the kitchen. Don heads back to bed, and you can tell how massively freaked out that little incident made him by the fact that it takes him five whole seconds to lose consciousness again.

As promised, Sally's watching a TV spot for the board game Mystery Date, which is another dreadfully unfortunate-on-purpose reference to the massacre, not that Pauline notices, as she's jabbering on the phone to someone about the poor girl under the bed. Sally, displaying less guile than I expect from her, stares at Pauline with interest, and when Pauline notices, she stops the discussion mid-sentence and tells the probably-bemused person on the other end of the line that she "can't make any plans until they waltz through that door." When she's off, Pauline tells Sally that she needs to take out the trash, or she can go to bed and watch the sun set from her bedroom window. "It's the saddest thing in the world." I'm thinking the woman knows of what she speaks. Sally inquires if, once she takes out the garbage, Pauline will tell her about the murder, prompting Pauline to reply loftily, "I will not bargain with you." Sally disbelievingly asks how old Pauline is -- nice one -- but Pauline doesn't take the bait, merely saying "we girls" keep that a secret.

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