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Helen arrives home, gives Betty some whispered pleasantries and a Kennedy pamphlet, and shows her out, saying, "I hope I can return the favor sometime." I don't know -- you don't have quite as much hair to spare as Betty does.

Don's asleep in bed when Betty slides in next to him. There's a legal pad on top of him, and Betty takes a quick look at it before putting it on her nightstand, and we see a little sketch of the Brooklyn Bridge with the tagline "New York: Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem." If that's the artwork he goes with, Sal will scratch his eyes out.

But no, the next day, we see the sketched representation with Don's tagline. Walter, however, thinks Pete's "backbone" idea came from Don, and says he likes it. Sal is all, "What backbone idea," in a tone that's like, "How the hell am I going to draw that?" Don, however, rolls with this unexpected punch, while Pete practically bursts out of his little suit with glee.

Later, Walter leaves with the usual pleasantries, and then Don gruffly congratulates Pete. Pete, of course unaware of how much trouble he's in, points out that he told Don he had ideas, and adds, "I think I did something good and you got the compliment for it." Don takes a drag off his cigarette and tells Pete to grab a cardboard box and put his things in it. Remarkably, Pete seems to understand what this means, and after Don's gone, Sal sneers, "You picked the wrong time to buy an apartment." Tell that to 2007.

Pete looks like he's going to explode into tears as he heads for his office, wherein Ken and Harry couldn't have picked a worse time to be listening to that Newhart record again. Pete kicks them out, and moments later, from outside, we see his door open and the record (called "The Button-Down Mind Of Bob Newhart) come flying out, jacket and all. Hildy regards them impassively, and then gets back to typing. Heh.

Don comes bursting into Roger's office and tells him what happened, and Roger replies, "That little shit." Those Navy boys have a way with words.

In "his" office, Pete is downing liquor and unsuccessfully trying not to cry. We fade down to his feet...

...and then we cross-fade into another pair of feet, and then pan up to see that they belong to Betty. She's telling Dr. Wayne how hard it was to see Helen's life -- her "sad little job at the jewelry store," frozen food, being exhausted all the time. After a pause, she opines that Helen is jealous of her, but she doesn't know what to do about it. She goes on that she's concerned about Helen's kids, especially Glen, and adds, "The person taking care of him isn't giving him what he needs. You know?" I know it's Betty we're talking about, but I have to agree.

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