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"Mr. Campbell. Who Cares?"

"Don," healed and in uniform, is on a train with another officer. It stops at a station, and the accompanying officer gets up and "informs" "Don" that this is where they're going. The coffin is unloaded, and "Don" hesitantly gets up and looks out the window, where he sees Uncle Mack and Abigail standing grimly, with Adam by Mack's side. The other officer calls "Don"'s name, and he looks at him and tells him to just go, as he can't. As the coffin is deposited in front of the family, Adam turns and, as he said in "5G," sees Dick. He tries to tell the adults, but they of course don't pay him any mind. A young woman on the train unsolicitedly remarks that it must be hard, but he's got his whole life ahead of him. "Forget that boy in the box." She offers to "buy a soldier a drink," and as the train starts to pull away, Adam chases after Dick, calling his name. Why he didn't do that when the train was standing still and he actually could have caught him is a question with which I won't bother. Forget that boy in the noose!

The train from then fades into the train from now, as Don arrives at his stop. Cut to him entering his home, wherein Betty is asleep on the couch, and on the TV, Nixon is apparently making his concession speech. Don watches and wonders what to do now. There's one more episode -- we'll find out.

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Mad Men




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