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"Mr. Campbell. Who Cares?"

...and then we get a piece of the puzzle, as in flashback, at night, a military transport truck comes to a stop somewhere. The soldier on the passenger's side of the cab hops out; he goes and knocks on the side of the truck, and calls, "Whitman!" Dick, in full gear, gets out, and the soldier that's been waiting for the truck's arrival is chagrined, as he was expecting twenty men, not just one, and the job that he expected to take two days will now stretch out to a month. The soldier from the cab is singularly unimpressed and takes his leave, and the other guy bails in disgust as Don follows. If it's any consolation, dude, Don does enough lying for twenty men.

The two guys enter a tent; Don nervously stands at attention until the other guy gives him the "at ease" command. As you've no doubt surmised, this man is Lieutenant Donald Draper, and he tells Dick that the tent they're in is for officers, and he can bunk next door. "I'd introduce you to the men, but you're looking at the complete company." That's one way to make sure no funny business happens, I guess. Dick, in a soft, quavery voice that doesn't sound at all like himself, partially because he's got that farm accent for which Roger called him out, asks where everyone is, and Don tells him they were gone when he got there. He also mentions he's an engineer, and says that Dick will be doing all the digging for the field hospital they've been tasked with building -- they need to establish fighting positions on all four sides of the site. And Dick has to do all the digging? I'm all for delegating, but this seems a little extreme. Don asks Dick what brought him into the Army, and he says he enlisted, which Don finds hard to believe. Don, for his part, they "got" him with college, but he's three and a half years in, which makes him practically a civilian. "I'm supposed to be building swimming pools, not latrines." He asks if Dick's any good with his rifle, and Dick says he's had some practice, yes. Don asks Dick why he enlisted, and Dick tells him he "just wanted to leave." Don: "I bet you're reconsidering if this was a step up." Not so clear, given what we've seen of Dick's past, and his expression looks like he's actually trying to do that math.

And back in his office, Don is trying to figure things out as well, as he lights a cigarette and looks like his mind is going in twenty different directions, at least. He reaches for the phone, drops it back...

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