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The Winner of the Ham Battle is You
l Bert Cooper's guy at the Wall Street Journal.

Cut to a restaurant where once again Don Draper is being interviewed by a journalist. This time, however, when he's asked a self-aggrandizing question about whether he's the creative force behind SCDP, Don leans forward and tells the story of "Sit Down, Have a Seat." Only instead of being a move of desperation, Don tells it as a tale of cocksure bravado. "I realized I had two choices," he says. "I could die of boredom, or I could holster up my guns." So you could say Don has picked up this self-promotion thing pretty quickly, huh? "So I walked into Lane Pryce's office and I said, 'Fire us.'" The music swells and we fade out just as Don's getting to the part about SCDP's two floors in the Time Life building.

Joe R is as desperate for Ken Cosgrove to return as the rest of you, so long as Joan gets to keep that office. He can be reached for lavish praise and nothing but at

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