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Tit For Splat

Don, at least coughing a little bit, pauses in front of the reception doors before entering and dropping off his hat and buttoning up; Pete appears, followed by Bertram, who has the Nixon team in tow. Bertram introduces Don and a typically over-solicitous Pete, and after Bertram gets in a little dig at Pete (though nowhere near as nasty as some of the ones earlier in the episode), Roger appears, looking a shade of white I'm not sure is naturally found outside the Arctic Circle, and responds to one of the Nixon dude's accolades by hurling voluminously onto the carpet. Even his vomit is bigger than anyone else's. After everyone takes a stunned moment, Bertram has the good grace to ask if Roger's all right, and Roger mentions the oysters. Bertram: "I can see that." There's a reason his name's on the building, too. Don helps a still-ashen Roger into a seat, and the speaking Nixon guy says that he's sorry he missed the lunch; everyone but Don then goes off to "let Roger regroup." Don asks Roger if he's okay, and Roger regards him balefully, possibly getting hip to the possibility that Don set him up here. Don leaves him as jaunty period music starts up, and I'm glad the episode didn't end without giving us a chance to check out the massive pit stains that have seeped through Roger's jacket. An odd episode in that it didn't follow up on a lot of plot arcs that have been building, and yet very enjoyable, not least because they gave John Slattery so much to do. See you next time!

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