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If You Love Someone, Shoot Them With A BB
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Many thanks to Jeff for covering the recaplet for this episode while I was out of town on vacation.

We open on a shot of the Draper kids playing with their dog (have we seen the dog since Don brought him home instead of a cake?), and then we pan down to reveal Betty doing a little pruning while wearing chic white-framed sunglasses. Next door, a neighbor releases some pigeons we'll soon see appear to be of the homing variety; the kids are excited to see them fly, but Betty just regards them neutrally. She does respond to the neighbor's friendly wave with a smile, but that's probably because if you piss off The Pigeon Whisperer, you're likely to end up with at least one eye pecked out.

At the theater, Don has just lit a cigarette (...I know, it's not exactly catching lightning in a bottle) when an older guy approaches him. Don complains about having to sit through Fiorello!, but the guy is interested in talking business, mentioning that his agency got the Israeli Tourism account (from "Babylon"). I guess the Israelis didn't want the sophisticated approach after all, but I'm going to move on from that thought lest I distract myself by coming up with taglines they might have used, like "Visit Israel and Haifa great time." The guy ("Jim Hobart" is his name) tells Don that "Jesus over Rio" (also mentioned in that same scene in "Babylon") is the best tourist campaign he's seen in over twenty years, and mentions how he and some advertising bigwigs were talking about Don at the very exclusive New York Athletic Club. Hobart goes on to tell Don that he's too good for Sterling Cooper -- he should be over at McCann-Erickson with him, where he'd have five hundred people at his disposal, and that's just in New York. Don looks noncommittal but flattered, and then Hobart's wife "Adele" appears, soon followed by Betty; introductions are made all around, and then Adele somewhat pointedly tells Betty that Don was about to prove that he can talk about things other than advertising. I think Adele has heard her share of advertising war stories for this life and the next. Upon being told by Betty that Don is "very interesting," Adele leads him away to get the four of them drinks as he specifically ascertains that Betty would like champagne, leaving Hobart to ask Betty if she's an actress. I'd point out that, given that words are his business, that's a pretty hoary opening gambit from Hobart, were it not for the fact that Betty laps it up like it's one of the finest vintages of Cristal. She tells Hobart that she used to do some modeling, "a lifetime ago," and he says he's not surprised, as she's got some face. He adds she's a dead ringer for Grace Kelly, and Betty acknowledges that she used to get that all the time. Hobart then mentions a Coke campaign he's working on that he thinks Betty's "European face" would fit perfectly. Betty blushes and unconvincingly tries to say she's retired, but Hobart hands over his card and urges her to think about it. The end-of-intermission lights blink, and Adele, returning with Don, encourages everyone to drink up. I think they'll be able to handle that one. The two couples head for opposite sides of the theater.

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