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If You Love Someone, Shoot Them With A BB

Don comes home to find Betty serving dinner for the two of them; the children are already done, and she's just poured some wine. Don asks how it went, and Betty tells him it was great, and McCann is talking about a whole other slew of possibilities for her. Don, rather beautifully, starts to look dismayed, probably because Betty is feeling the need to put on this brave face for him. She tells him that despite the "success," she doesn't want to work any more, as it will hamper her efforts as a housewife, and besides, she doesn't like Manhattan on her own. "What am I going to do, run around the city with my book like some teenager, making a fool of myself?" Well, if it influences your decision, I'm sure you'd have company. Don takes her hand and sincerely tells her that if she wants to, she can. "It's my job to give you what you want." Betty says he does, but he presses the point, calling her "Birdy" (I think I thought it was "Bertie" before, but it's pretty clear from the themes going around in this episode alone that that's not the case) and saying that he doesn't care about stuff like making his dinner or taking in his shirts, as that's nothing compared to motherhood, and she's the best mother in the world. She looks touched at his faith in her, and he goes on that he would have given anything to have had a mother like her -- "beautiful and kind -- filled with love, like an angel." Damn, of all the people on the show I would have thought would make my eyes fill, Don would not have been tops on the list. Betty smiles, and they get down to eating.

The next morning, Don's on his way out the door; the kids say goodbye, and Betty tells him they're going to the community center to watch the pool being filled. They share an affectionate smooch, and then Don leaves. Later, Betty's doing laundry as she calls to the kids not to jump off the bed. Given what you're about to do, I'd suggest they hide under it. We see the clock read one, and Betty is now sitting having a cigarette. Oh, dear. I can only think that this quick shot was included to demonstrate that she's back to sitting and smoking and letting herself go. And I'd express the hope she's more at peace with it now, but that theory's about to be, um, shot down. Cut to outside, where we see her still smoking and giving the flapping pigeons an appraising look. She then raises the kids' BB gun and starts shooting away over the neighbor's frenzied objections. So, what time's therapy tomorrow? Seriously, aside from the obvious revenge against the neighbor, I think she wasn't trying to hit them, but to scare them into not coming back, thus metaphorically giving herself, "Birdy," freedom, especially given the reversion into her housewife's identity. "My Special Angel" plays into the closing credits, and whatever the reason for that ending? Awesome.

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