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With Peggy there, presumably as a note-taker, Paul, Pete, and Harry are in with Don; Paul overdoes some complimentary remarks about Don's Lucky Strike campaign, and the boys co-sign, presumably trying to get in good with the possibly-bound-for-McCann Don. Don's response is a somewhat amused thanks, and then Bertram and Roger enter, with Bertram demanding to know who's responsible for buying so much TV airtime for as-yet-unproduced Secor commercials. After some hemming and hawing, Harry takes the "blame." He pretty clearly thinks he's falling on the sword here, but Pete pipes up that some of the responsibility is his. At Don's query, Bertram explains that every commercial "in the land of Lincoln" is "clogged up with laxative buys." I told you someone would be working the jokes. Roger adds that there's a little bit of Nixon time in there, and here the true genius of the strategy is revealed: Kennedy will be forced to rely heavily on radio, on which his charismatic looks and personality will be neutralized (the implication being that for Nixon, with his mug, that wouldn't be a hardship and might even be a plus). "And with that accent. Nicely done!" Roger adds that he didn't think they had it in them. "And I mean that." Pete's recovered to be pleased, but Harry still looks like he shit his pants. Stupid Secor. The bigwigs withdraw, and Don congratulates the boys. Pete snarks that Peggy should write that down. "Don said congratulations." He stands and asks if they're done. Don: "No." Deflated, Pete site back down. Ha! Looks good on you, punk.

Later, the boys are celebrating with drinks (like I needed to clarify that) in Pete's office when Hildy enters with a bottle of whiskey from Freddy. Harry: "Unopened! Very nice!" I guess this is one delivery Roger didn't intercept. Pete invites Hildy to have a drink, but she is having exactly none of that, although she does say it's because she's going to her parents' after work. Pete slurs that Hildy should do something about her "sour puss," as she's very beautiful. A lateral move away from your sorry ass might help, dick. Hildy does not crack a smile, and looks upset as she leaves and the boys guffaw.

Peggy hands off another envelope to Don; when he opens it, he finds prints from Betty's photo shoot, including a close-up of her smiling. Getting the implication that this was another effort to woo him, he looks chagrined, and I actually think it's dismay at and sympathy for Betty's likely upcoming disappointment than anything else.

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