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The boys are leafing through files when everyone brightens, and not just those on screen. The reason is that Joan has appeared, and after she mentions that she already called some movers, she takes a look at their list and quickly tells them where everything is and what else they'll need. Bertram: "Very good. Now I can pack." Heh. Don then enters with Peggy in tow and is just as happy as everyone else to see Joan, and then asks what Pete came up with. Pete gives over the names, and they're mostly what he had suggested he'd be able to bring (I think Samsonite replacing Gillette is the only difference), except for the one that put him over the top -- Clearasil. Peggy: "Really?" Heh, but that pretty much says it all. Because Trudy's father pulled Clearasil from SC once Pete refused to adopt a child with Trudy, so...did he reverse that stance to get the account, or did Trudy merely let her dad know he'd be a partner in the new firm if he'd only throw him back his business? I kind of hope it's the former, because the image of baby-faced Pete holding an infant is too good to pass up. Anyway, Roger asks where they should start, and Joan suggests the Art Department. Harry, however, says it's locked, and here's where I thought they might call Sal...

...but instead, after Don's keys fail him, he unceremoniously kicks in the door, and I'd imagine all he had to do was pretend that the nameplate read "Henry Francis." Elsewhere, Peggy, Joan, and Roger are transcribing vital information, and Roger, after complaining that he's tired, asks if Peggy could get him a cup of coffee. Peggy: "No." The new order does have its downsides, Roger. Also: HA! In his office, Bertram crabs to the movers, referring to his collectibles that he hopes they washed their hands...

...and then the conspirators are following the movers out the door. Roger, Don, and Joan are the last three to leave, and after Joan sighs that Greg is going to kill her, Don tells her that he's staying at the Roosevelt, but he'll need her to find him an apartment. She asks if he wants it furnished, and he grimly responds, "For the time being." So at least he accepts that it might really be over, even if he's holding out hope. Joan whispers that she's sorry before leaving, and then the movers take the last of the stuff out, leaving Don and Roger to take one last look around. After a long moment, Roger asks Don how long he thinks it'll take them to be in a place like this again, but Don has a different view of their future: "I never saw myself working in a place like this." Roger can accept his meaning, and when the two of them walk out, Don starts to kneel down to the floor-level lock, but Roger snits, "Don't bother." Don's like, all righty, then...

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